War... Darkness... Death... All went through the head of a young Faladorian soldier as he stood at his post on the wall. War had come. Darkness was approaching. Death was yet to arrive.

A few months before this event, a general of a Zamorakian army appeared in Asgarnia. He was pure evil. He had no mercy, not even to women and children. He came to the Mountain of Ice and raised a army, 20,000 strong. And now it was poised to attack the white city of Falador.

The first wave was mages who shot their lethal bolts. This barrage killed many soldiers and knights. The women and children during this time escaped through the dwarven mines. The second wave was catapults the besieged the city. Rock upon rock was hurled, but the walls held. The general was not about to surrender so he brought out the fire rocks. These objects, when they make impact, explode. After only two shots, part of the wall collapsed. Ork and goblin infantry stormed in and took the wall. Bloody house to house fighting ensued and the Faladorians retreated back to the castle.

The castle was a strong fortress. Its double walls and narrow windows were almost impossible to breach. Even the fire rocks did not penetrate. The army eventually brought out a battering ram and crashed it against the gate. Slam after slam the ram hit. The orks that were holding the ram were being picked off by arrows but, after a ork fell another replaced it. Then gate couldn't hold much longer and it broke and fell. Every evil and vile soldier charged in. The battle was fierce! Arrows wizzed and sword crashed, but in the end the Faladorians fell.

Even though their city was in ruins, the people of Falador escaped. They went through Barbarian Village and entered Varrock. The Varrockians welcomed them with opened arms and put them in homes. They didn't know this will spell their doom...

"Ah, the rats have gone to Varrock." said the General. "We must follow them and wipe out them and their allies!"

The ork leader says "Yes my lord, this shall be done *hiss*." "But how shall we enter the city without being attacked?"

"Oh, I have an idea..." said the General.

"Sir, is that a goblin raiding party coming?" said a guard in a tower.

"No... It's too big... Oh no." said the second guard.

"What is it?!" said the guard.

"It's an army!" says the frightened guard.

"We must warn Varr- Argh!" said the now dead guard.

"Henry! Henry! Oh no! *argh*!" screams the guard.

To be continued...