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This article is about the location, for the quest of the same name see The Zombie Camp.

The Zombie Camp is a small location found in Morytania. It is situated to the north east of Meiyerditch and west of the Necropolis and is located in the outer Sanguinesti Region. The only inhabitants are a group of people who are part zombie. Their city was attacked by the Vyrewatch but the huge city fought back. Drakan then sent a curse which rendered everyone in the city undead and it became known as the Necropolis. The people here escaped the city but Drakan's curse still managed to partly reach them, thus turning them partly undead. Despite this they still retain their human characteristics and overall they are more human than zombie. The quest "The Zombie Camp" takes place here and the piece of music "Nearly Dead" can also be unlocked.
Location on World Map
Port Phasmatys
Meiyerditch Zombie Camp Necropolis