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The Zaros Godsword is the second strongest godsword in the game next to the Seren Godsword. This Godsword is obtained by finishing Desert Treasure and The Unbinding of Zaros. If you have finished these quests you can go to the God wars dungeon and kill any one of the bosses. Once you have killed one of the bosses in your chat box it will read" The ground starts rumbling and a giant hole appears right beneath your feet... Something smells magically evil..." WARNING: BEFORE YOU GO KILL THE BOSS, MAKE SURE IT IS A GOOD DECISION BECAUSE THAT BOSS WILL BE SWITCHED WITH THE ZAROS BOSS AND MINIONS PERMANENTLY!!!!!

Kill Mysticspirit Vrak (lvl: 712) for a chance to get the godsword. Keep in mind that he is very high combat and can hit 40+. Come prepared. The minions range from level 25 to level 178. They cast different spells from Ancient and Loste Magicks.

The special attack is an attack that shoots a magical spell towards the enemy (similar to Sarasword) but has the effects of ancient magicks combined with it: Freezes enemy for 15 sec, Lowers attack by 15%, Poisons (5), Heals user 1/4 of amount hit, and slows down targets attack speed for 36 seconds.


Zaros Godsword

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