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Yu-Gi-Oh!: RuneScape Expansion was an expansion pack of the popular card game, Yu-Gi-Oh!, featuring all-RuneScape players, items and locations.

It was released on May 1st, 2008, and had over 105 all-RuneScape cards. Any cards numbered more than 105 were promos from various events. Many RuneScape players who had never bought a Yu-Gi-Oh! booster pack before bought their first because of this set.

Types Edit

With this new set being RuneScape-related, new types had to be created to fit the cards. The seven new types introduced are:

  • Adventurer: A standard player.
  • NPC: An NPC.
  • Warrior: A melee-based person.
  • Ranger: A range-based person.
  • Magician: A magic-based person.
  • Lunar Magician: A magician who uses a Lunar book.
  • Ancient Magician: A magician who uses an Ancient book.

Cards Edit

Note to editors: Please, if adding a card, don't make it ridiculously powerful. Also, don't make it ridiculously rare, or make too many rare cards. The ratio between common, rare, super rare, ultra rare and secret rare cards is 1:8:32:64:128.
Card pictureNameNumberRarityCard type
Zezima ygo Zezima 000 Secret Rare Effect monster
Pink revenge Pink Revenge 001 Rare Equip spell
Elgranapache Elgranapache 002 Rare Effect monster
Skychi ygo Skychi 003 Rare Effect monster
Marshmallow Stay Puft Marshmallow 004 Rare Monster
TehNoobShow - Bazooka ygo TehNoobShow - Bazooka 005 Common Monster
Chaos Two Suicidal Noobs 006 Common Monster
Shoeshiner Shoeshiner 007 Common Effect monster
Them Them 008 Ultra Rare Monster
Evil The evil dude 009 Super Rare Fusion
Chicken1 Chicken Man Mutant 010 Common Monster
Zanxxor ygo Zanxxor 011 Common Effect monster
Chiafriend12 ygo Chiafriend12 012 Common[1] Monster
Chiafriend12b ygo Chiafriend12 012B[2] Common Monster
Saradomin Follower ygo Saradomin Follower 014 Common Monster
Guthix Follower ygo Guthix Follower 015 Common Monster
Fall back - card Fall back! 016 Common Quick-play magic
Fletching expert ygo Fletching expert 017 Common Monster
Boywithkite-card Boy and his Kite 018 Common Monster
Jigo-card Jigo22 019 Common Effect monster
Newb ygo Newb 020 Common Monster
Newb - Iron ygo Newb - Iron 021 Common Monster
Spartasmage1 ygo Spartasmage1 024 Common Monster
Magicking610 ygo Magicking610 026 Common Monster
Fegaxeyl1 ygo Fegaxeyl1 029 Common Monster
Fegaxeyl1 - Raspberry ygo Fegaxeyl1 - Raspberry 030 Rare Effect monster
Mr Mordaut ygo Mr. Mordaut 034 Common Monster
Green Dragon ygo Green Dragon 035 Common Effect monster
Prayer Points ygo Prayer Points 049 Common Quick-play magic
Holy Book ygo Holy Book 051 Common Ritual magic
Book of Balance ygo Book of Balance 052 Common Ritual magic
Unholy Book ygo Unholy Book 053 Common Ritual magic
Saradomin ygo Saradomin 054 Rare Ritual monster
Guthix ygo Guthix 055 Rare Ritual monster
Zamorak ygo Zamorak 056 Rare Ritual monster
Monk of Zamorak ygo Monk of Zamorak 058 Common Effect monster
ChikoritaPro ygo ChikoritaPro 064 Common Monster
Creepy Old Man ygo Creepy Old Man 066 Common Monster
Bugsy Le ygo Bugsy Le 067 Common Monster
Danger Pks U ygo Danger Pks U 068 Common Effect monster
Danger Pks U - Ancient ygo Danger Pks U - Ancient 069 Common Monster
Stinkowing ygo Stinkowing 070 Common Monster
Kite Trio ygo Kite Trio 071 Common Fusion monster
Kite Quartet ygo Kite Quartet 072 Rare Fusion monster
AMC Warrior Private ygo AMC Warrior Private 074 Common Effect monster
AoSW General ygo AoSW General 077 Common Monster
AoSW Ranged Private ygo AoSW Ranged Private 078 Common Effect monster
Random Event - Rock Golem ygo Random Event - Rock Golem 080 Common Trap
Abuse of Power ygo Abuse of Power 081 Common Trap
Knightgf's Dungeon ygo Knightgf's Dungeon 082 Common Field magic
Hero ygo Hero 084 Common Fusion monster
Newb Hater ygo Newb Hater 085 Rare Fusion monster
Yugiohcard Infidel Die! 086 Rare Trap
Insulting ygo Insulting 087 Common Trap
Classic... ygo Classic... 088 Common Continuous trap
RuneScape Yu-Gi-Oh! card ygo RuneScape Yu-Gi-Oh! card 089 Common Counter trap
Antidragon Shield ygo Anti-dragon Shield 090 Common Equip magic
Dragon Dagger ygo Dragon Dagger 091 Common Equip magic
Dragonlong ygo Dragon longsword 092 Rare Equip magic
Rune Helm (h2) ygo Rune Helm (h2) 093 Common Equip magic
Adamant two-handed Sword ygo Adamant two-handed Sword 094 Common Equip magic
Air Rune ygo Air Rune 095 Common Magic
Clan Wars ygo Clan Wars 096 Common Field magic
Northern Falador Gate ygo Northern Falador Gate 097 Common Field magic
Lumbridge Castle ygo Lumbridge Castle 098 Common Field magic
Law Rune ygo Law Rune 099 Common Magic
Chiafriend12 - Head on Fire ygo Chiafriend12 - Head on Fire 105 Super Rare Monster
RuneScape Fan Fiction Wiki ygo RuneScape Fan Fiction Wiki 106 Rare[3] Synchro monster
2008 Autumn WikiFest ygo 2008 Autumn WikiFest 107 Limited edition common Quick-play magic
Seren Seren 108 Secret Rare Synchro
RuneScape Wiki ygo RuneScape Wiki 999 Ultimate Rare[4] Synchro monster

Planet of the Lost Limited Edition BoostersEdit

Limited edition booster packs were released, covering the Planet of the Lost series (role-plays), Time Fractures, Two Worlds, and Torchwood Gielinor. There was also a couple of decks released on this subject, one about the bad guys and the other about good guys.

Card pictureNameNumberRarityCard type
Angerorcard Angeror 000 Ultimate Rare Monster
Halvinor1 Halvinor 001 Super Rare Monster
Deathworm Deathworm 002 Rare Monster
Slitheen Cyranus Slitheen 007 Rare Monster
Zantroz Commander Zantroz 008 Super Rare Monster
Cyber Cyber-Lord 010 Rare Monster
Hydraxor Hydraxor 020 Rare Monster
Assassin Card The Assassin 100 Ultra Rare Effect monster
Traveller Card The Traveller 101 Super Rare Effect monster

RuneScape The Movie: Promo Cards Edit

A movie for RuneScape was released and came with several promo cards. It contains also bands featured in RuneScape Pking Videos.

Card pictureNameNumberRarityCard type
Shadowbladeyugioh The Shadow Blade 000 Secret Rare Effect monster
Sh4dow blad3 Sh4dow Blad3 001 Ultra Rare Effect monster
99 wc emote 99 Wc Emote! 002 Super Rare Spell Card
Slayer! Slayer! 003 Super Rare Effect Monster
Rick roll Rick Astley 004 Ultra Rare Effect Monster

References and notes Edit

  1. After being discontinued, its rarity grew, even though it was still classified as a common card.
  2. After the graphics update, the first Chiafriend12 card was discontinued, and #12B entered circulation.
  3. This card was only given to editors of the RuneScape Fan Fiction Wiki who achieved at least 500 edits, adminship, or rollback.
  4. Only given to editors of the RuneScape Wiki who achieved 2,000 edits, adminship, and to some who attained rollback.

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