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Planet of the Lost species
Appearance/Type Humanoid/ insectoid
AKA Alien
Affiliation Angeror
Place of Origin Unknown
Patron God Unknown
Notable Individuals None
First "Revenge of the Alone Ones"

Xenomorphs are a race of creatures that live to feed on other life forms.

History Edit

When Angeror chooses a new form, he picks that of a Xenomorph queen. This would be his permanent one. (RP: Revenge of the Alone Ones)

Lots of Xenomorphs ravage the Grand Exchange after Angeror lets them loose. They later return to their home era, but one is captured and turned into a member of Torchwood via the Blade chip. (RP: Revenge of the Alone Ones)

An Xenomorph appears through a time anomaly. It ravages the GDG base, and nearly kills everyone. It later disappears into another anomaly. (TF: Alien vs GDG)

Abilities and Traits Edit

Appearances Edit