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The World 97 Bug was an infamous bug which occured on December 22, 2007.

The Bug Edit

Azzura123 logged into RuneScape and everything seemed normal, but he saw the JaGeX logo in the bottom corner of the screen. Wondering what it was, he clicked it, opening up the JaGeX Control Panel. Azzaral123 knew what to do. He immediately changed all his levels to 99 and began walking around banning people left and right. When a JaGeX Mod found out about this he quickly banned Azzura123 for bug abuse.

Aftermath Edit

In an announcement on the Official Forums, Andrew had this to say, This has to be the worst bug in RuneScape history. Over 500 accounts were banned for no reason. I apologize to everyone who was banned because of Azzural123 and your accounts will be unbanned by tomorrow. -Andrew Gower