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The World 95 Massacre occured when Emosworld7 and his friends had a level 99 Firemaking Party at Clan Wars. Emosworld7's clan consisted of:

  1. Blk Parade9 (level-121)
  2. Emosworld7 (level-124)
  3. 13itch69 (level-78)
  4. Spartan 117 (level-125)
  5. L3ss3r D3mon (level-82)
  6. Run3 5c1m1tar (level-122)
  7. Run3 0r3 (level-117)

After their third Clan Wars match, all players in the clan had an Attack option. The clan decided to try it out, unaware of the consequences.

Massacre Edit

Blk Parade9 lashed out first at a level 89, hitting a 24 on him with a Rune two-hander before completely finishing him off. 13itch69 then lashed out at several level 20's - 40's. Emosworld7 saw what was going on, and then lashed out at a level 97 with full Guthix Rune Armour. Emosworld7 managed to scrape a 1, then a 29, 22 and several more hits to destroy him. Run3 0r3 lashed out at a bunch of level 40-50's. A majority of them had Adamant (g) armour. Spartan 117 destroyed a level 83 with several 22's. It has been proven that the level 83 had 969K and full Rune (t) with him when he died. They then moved outside, where L3ss3r D3mon was killing a level 71 mage. The mage fought back, and got L3ss3r D3mon to approximately half health when the rest of the gang came out, hitting 10-27's. The people coming to Clan Wars at World 95 were brutally massacred.

They waited a few minutes. L3ss3r D3mon and Blk Parade9, both having 99 Ranged, switched to Range. They had full Green dragonhide (g) with a Maple shortbow and Adamant arrows. A level 78 passer-by was killed by Blk Parade9 and Emosworld7. L3ss3r D3mon was focusing on a level 62 Player Moderator, along with the rest of the crew. More player moderators came, threatening them with bans.

In return, the clan replied in unison: Runescape is stuffed, ban us all you want, idiots!. The rest of the Player Moderators were massacred. It has not yet been proven that Blk Parade9 hit a 27 on a Player Moderator with Ranged, or that Run3 0r3 hit a 27 on a passer-by.

Aftermath Edit

The whole clan was permanently banned for Bug Abuse, and Jagex has promised that this glitch has been fixed, after months of repeated trying.