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Wilderness Wars

Wilderness Wars


203 to 207


Wilderness and Varrock


Dissolvement of Alliance of Similar Wildernessans, formation of Kingdom of Golathia


Alliance of Similar Wildernessans

Kingdom of Asgarnia, Kingdom of Misthalin, and minor forces from Al Kharid



King Byolni Adsrongi


200,000 troops

A total of 320,000 troops


~80,000 troops,
~2,000 civilians

~100,000 troops,
~6,000 civilians

The Wilderness Wars was a group of two wars, often thought as just one. The first war lasted from the Battle of Varrock (204), the initial battle, in which the Alliance of Similar Wildernessans took a major defeat, all the way to the Battle of the Bone Yard Valley (205). The first war ended because of the Alliance of Similar Wildernessans admitting that they started the war, and that they had done a major wrong. A temporary peace treaty was put in place.

Nine months later, the Alliance of Similar Wildernessans attacked at Bone Yard (206), starting the second war. The second war lasted until the fall of the Alliance of Similar Wildernessans (207), and the uprising of the Kingdom of Golathia, named after the Golathion Projects during the war.

Timeline Edit

Wilderness Wars
Alliance of Similar WildernessansWilderness WarsBattle of Varrock1st Golathion ProjectBattle of Chaos TempleBattle of the Graveyard of ShadowsBattle of the Bone Yard Valley2nd Golathion ProjectBattle of Central-Western WildernessBattle of Upper WildernessKingdom of Golathia