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West And East War

War of the west and war of the east and disaster of both sides. Secret ascension of Sliske into godhood.


Year ??, Unknown Age (may be 4th, 5th and/or 6th Age)


Great Kourend and The Arc


Rift of Chaos of The Queen Of All Monsters and her Chaorruption and ascension of Sliske into Godhood and Gielinor into virtual-apocalypse (?)

  • Warriors of Shayzien
  • Warriors of Wintertodt
  • Warriors of Lokavengj
  • Warriors of Piscarilius
  • Warriors of Hosidius
  • Warriors of Arceuus
  • Warriors of Prifddinas
  • Warriors of Aminishi
  • Warriors of Tuai Leit
  • Warriors of Rei Ti
  • Warriors of Haranu
  • Warriors of Toko
  • Warriors of Tattanogi
  • Warriors of Kami-Shima
  • Warriors of Tokoko
  • Warriors of Goshima
  • Warriors of Daemonheim
  • Siegor
  • The Elf King
  • Xuan-Nu-Wa
  • Maitreya
  • Guanyin
  • Ghost of Guan-Yu
  • Hundreds of Lizardmen, thousands more than The Arc, and Sliske's Wights, Zephinia's Chaorrupted Creatures (?)
  • Hundreds Of Battle-Sirens, Gorajo Warriors, Tengu Warriors, Elf Warriors, Zamorak's Demons and Undead Warriors (?)
  • Many Zeah Inhabitants
  • Many Arc Inhabitants

It happened thousands of years ago. The war between Great Kourend and The Arc made conflicts of the Dragonkin Queen and Zephinia, the Mahjarrat Sorceress waged in war in distant places of the West and the East. The power of the Dragonkin Queen held the Staff of Armadyl, while Mahjarrat Witch Sorceress used her time compression to distort the history of Gielinor. There were few Mahjarrat warriors who were on different sides. Neither was Xarkom on both sides nor his Icyene wife. They had to take her to south part of Gielinor for safekeeping.

The aftermath was that the rift became apparent after war.

Sliske, Bilrach and any other Mahjarrat did not attend and participate in this war.

Sometime after Twisted and Shattered Time Quest, the rift became apparent after the coming of Queen of Eternal Chaos and All monsters and deaths of V and Guthix.


  • It's an ironic twist that maps and worlds OSRS and RS3 make a crossover in fanfiction of Runescape. They made war in both sides concerning the races (The Lizardmen, Sirens, Tengu, Dragonkin, Mahjarrat) in this fanfiction.

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