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Lumbridge is the far south-eastern town located in Lower Asgarnia, originally Asgarnia but it became separated after the Asgarnian Civil War.

Lumbridge is also known as World's End to most, as it is on the edge of civilization in most people's opinions.


Lumbridge was founded in the early Fourth Age by the Asgarnian Army not long after Zamorak won the God Wars. The Zamorakian Asgarnians used it as a fishing port. By being near the Eastern Ocean, it has a high level of fish in its waters.

During the Civil War, Asgarnia became split into two, with Lumbridge becoming part of Lower Asgarnia. The town continued to thrive with trade after the events, and became the prime location of fish imports and exports, with stock being shipped out as far as Ardougne and Catherby.

Present day Lumbridge is now quite a popular place to visit, with the Lumbridge teleportation spell not requiring any runes, it is a popular meeting point, with many coming and going every day. The fishing trade has gone into regression in recent years, due to the economy crash which affected Lumbridge badly. The town tends to thrive through tourism now.

Places of interestEdit

Lumbridge Castle is a popular location, with its grand structure and display of weaponry and armour on constant display, it is popular for many warriors who wish to get a feel of battle.

The Lumbridge Docks are also a busy place, with many trying their hand at fishing. There is also a high number of fishing boats in operation, constantly scavenging the waters for any fish they can find. The Lumbridge Docks are however a lot more quiet than they were nearly a century ago.