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Lower Asgarnia is a kingdom located towards the center of Gielinor. It was originally part of Asgarnia, but the kingdom split up after the Civil War, which also formed Upper Asgarnia.

Lower Asgarnia is a lot less busy than trade-heavy Upper Asgarnia, so many of the settlements are a lot less rich and suffer from more problems. After the economy crash, Lower Asgarnia's main source of trade: fish, has gone into regression.

The kingdom is made up of three main towns: Lumbridge, Sarim and Rimmington. There was once a small village named Draynor Village, but it was badly damaged in the Civil War, and then the ruins were raided by goblins who created a community in the Lumbridge Woods.

Lower Asgarnia is ruled over by King Horacio, who is a follower of the Southern Zamorakian religion, just as all his ancestors have been.