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October 31st, 2007

Hold on to your Treasure Trails, you may just strike at rich. No, seriously. Hold on to your Treasure Trails. We mean it.

Because a great percentage of Jagex ltd. has agreed, the beloved Gold-trimmed, Saradomin blessed, Gilded Rune platebody is going to be removed. Don't fret, oh beloved collector. They will only be removed from being possible to be received from Treasure Trails. This is one of the very few times something will become discontinued, and still be tradeable. Many of our staff find that "They're too good! They're rune platebodies that's gold plated, gold trimmed, blessed by Saradomin, AND has a gold symbol of Saradomin!", as said by a staff member during our meeting last Sunday. The remaining 182 remaining possessed platebodies will become discontinued on November 28th, 2007, at precisely 00:00 GMT. You have until then to do Treasure Trails like mad to get one.

Also in this update, a possible insurance policy will be added. By talking to a new banker, located on the top floor of the Eastern Varrock bank, you may buy a policy for 4,300,000 coins, half of the estimated street price of October 29th.

This policy ensures that if the player mistakenly alchemises the plate, they will be stopped. It also insures that if lost by death, it will be an extra fourth item kept (or fifth with the "Protect item" prayer). It also insures that if traded, the player can automatically un-trade it, meaning the piece of armour will be returned to your inventory (and any other items you might have traded), and the items that were paid to you will be traded back to the other trader's.

All of these ways that the insurance helps you have a rule. Each one can only be used once before having to pay another sum of money, and the sum of money has to be paid before the use of the insurance.

To all of those who get rich, Happy Hallowe'en!

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