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A group of dark wizards found an ancient spell book containing unlimited power. They visit Crandor to resurrect Elvarg and take control of her to try and conquer all of Runescape. But things did not go as planned, as Elvarg turned on them.


Undead Elvarg can drop many items, the list below lists most of them. Many rumors have been circulating about other drops. More than one of the below items can be obtained on one defeat.

  Item Quantity Rarity GE Market Price
Dragon platebody Dragon platebody 1 9 Unknown 1,790,999
Dragon platelegs Dragon platelegs 1 9 Unknown 161,739
Dragon 2h sword Dragon 2h sword 1 9 Unknown 133,241
Dragon scimitar Dragon scimitar 1 9 Unknown 59,567
Dragon full helm Dragon full helm 1 9 Unknown 6,235,268
Dragon arrow Dragon arrow 200 9 Unknown 48,000
Dragon plateskirt Dragon plateskirt 1 9 Unknown 162,403
Dragon kiteshield Dragon kiteshield 1 9 Unknown 378,705
Blood rune Blood rune 100 9 Unknown 41,500
Law rune Law rune 200 9 Unknown 59,800
Nature rune Nature rune 200 9 Unknown 57,000
Astral rune Astral rune 100 9 Unknown 28,300
Soul rune Soul rune 100 9 Unknown 16,100
Death rune Death rune 500 9 Unknown 155,500
Coins Coins 1,000,000,000 6 Extremely rare 1,000,000,000

Fighting Elvarg AgainEdit

If you return to Crandor, you can pick up the Dark Wizards' Spellbook, and if you use it on Elvarg's corpse, it will reanimate for another battle.