This page contains dialogue related to Twisted and Shattered Time.

Time Warps Back Edit

  • Long Bearded Viking: Let's see that V and Guthix are alive once more.
  • Player: I see
  • Xarkom: Ah yes.

Fate of Time Edit

  • V: No... Zamorak, why did you want me and Guthix dead.
  • Zamorak: Because Sliske is going to give me absolute supreme god powers so Mah will take wrath on all of you! Death to Saradomin and V!
  • Player: Zamorak, why would you betray all of your followers?
  • Kharshai: I defected to the side of V.
  • Sakirth: ZAMORAK! KILL THOSE FALSE USERS! Destroy Gielinor! And kill all people! Destroy Forinthry! Zamorak and Sliske!
  • Sloane: We have to defeat Sliske and Zamorak.
  • Raptor: You mortal enemy, Sakirth and Sliske! We all do is escape!
  • Azzanadra: Come adventurer. We can't die here! Xaia will worry us much!
  • Ariane: We have to fall back!
  • Ozan: We know!
  • Sir Owen: Knights of Saradomin, let's head back to safety!
  • Kharshai: I am the follower of V. All we have to stay away from Zamorak and Sliske.
  • Xarkom: Fall back!
  • The spirit of light teleports certain Signature heroes and others. Bilrach, Lucien and Sliske kill Queen Black Dragon and enraged Zamorak kill off V, Remora and the other people. And yet they burn and destroy Forinthry. Also Sliske's power turn Sloane, H

Sliske's Godhood Edit

  • Sliske: I killed Guthix and I am a god so thanks to Time Compression.
  • Zamorak: You are nothing but a traitor!
  • Zephinia: Praise to Sliske's propaganda. Both of you gods have become my knights, my plan will take over Gielinor with my iron fist.

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