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Treo London
Race Human
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? No
Location Lumbridge Castle
Sells items? No
Gender Unknown edit
Examine A funny, lazy and stupid, one-shot killer mage
Notable features Brother of King Lance and the Magic skillcape wearer

Treo is the brother of King Lance, and he is a teacher of Magic at Lumbridge School. He broke the record of the youngest teacher in that school, at only 15 years, and he has the very unfortunate tag of being the laziest of the King's Order. He is quite funny when the player talks to him, because, for instance, he answers things like:

Treo:"Hey, (Player name), have you heard the news?."
Player:"No, sorry"
Treo:"Ok, me neither..."


Treo:"Hey, (Player name), Do you know whats the chemical symbol for copper?.
Player:"I think its --"
Treo:"Gah, don't confuse me with that (Scholar subject) class"

In the above quote, he changes the Scholar subject from: Politics, Religion, Mathematics, English, or Spanish, but will never say Chemistry or Science, either of which would provide the answer to the question. He has also gained the tag of being stupid for some people even refer to him as "just the opposite from his brother".

Despite all those tags, he is the strongest mage Players will ever find, as he can do magic without Runes, and when fighting he becomes really serious, so he is real help.

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