This article, Tree Gnome Stronghold Offensive, was created by Staff Sergeant Jack Jackson.

Tree Gnome Stronghold Offensive
Arposandran War
1, Sixth Age
Tree Gnome Stronghold, Kandarin
Gnome Victory;
  • Attackers repelled
  • Stronghold barely is damaged

Ape Atoll/Arposandran Strategic Victory;

  • Glouphrie is able to further his plans without hindrance.
Gnome Empire Ape Atoll
Arposandra (Covert Support only)
King Narnode Shareen, King Bolren Glouphrie, King Awowogei
Unknown number of Gnomes, Mounted Terrorbirds, and Tortoise Unknown number of Ape Atoll Monkeys, and Gorillas
Countless terrorbirds, gnomes, and tortoises
Light damage to the Stronghold
Countless monkeys and gorillas

Tree Gnome Stronghold Offensive was an attack launched by Ape Atoll in order to cause confusion to the Gnomes. Glouphrie observed the offensive during disguise himself as a strange tree, and gave Gnomecopters to the Monkeys in order to uses Kamikaze to attack the Offensive. Ultimately the attack fails, and the simians of Ape Atoll return to Ape Atoll.

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