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This timeline is a list of all events that fan fictionally happened in RuneScape on this site. Please feel free to contribute with all happenings in your fan fictions.

Before Ages Edit

  • In the Before, everything happens as in the current universe. 25 billion years after the Big Bang, the last decendants of Humanity are made extinct, but their creations live on. (Runiverse)
  • The Runiverse is created by three superintelligent beings known as the Creators, the leftovers of humanity. (Runiverse)
  • The events of The Creator's Curse occur during various eras in the dawn of the Runiverse. (Runiverse)

10 Billion BA Edit

  • Angeror and 99 other Transcendental beings are created. The universe is still under "construction", with only a small number of races existing at the time. (Runiverse)

1000 BA Edit

  • The Immortals emerge on Lunica and begin travelling to Gielinor. (Runiverse)

811 BA Edit

500 BA Edit

300 BA Edit

First Age Edit

  • Gielinor is found and shaped by Guthix. (All universes)
  • The Deinoscorpio are the first sentient species to evolve. (Runiverse, Morytaniverse)
  • The Shadow is imprisoned on Gielinor (namely Morytania), and also so weakened that it only remains a vortex form. (Morytaniverse)
  • The War of the World Gate happens.

Second Age Edit

  • A Zarosian Cult arrived in Morytania, failing to activate Operation Necrosis. (Morytaniverse)

Third Age Edit

303 Edit

  • Two warring races, the Hydraxites and the Karazahn, land on Gielinor during the God Wars. The two battle cruisers are buried beneath the planet, in comatose mode (reawakened in the Fifth Age). (Runiverse)

Fourth Age Edit

1909 Edit

  • The Dracomancers are formed when Draco sends down a message to a Guthixian priest.(Runiverse)

1914 Edit

Fifth Age Edit

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67 Edit

92 Edit

98 Edit

  • After a short battle between Kandarin and the Gnome Empire, the Gnome-Human Charter is agreed on and is set to expire in 200 years.

116 Edit

  • Chiagon is born. (Golathian alternate Runiverse)

120 Edit

  • Selenius is born. (Golathian alternate Runiverse)

129 Edit

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137 Edit

145 Edit

146 Edit

  • Drakwood is born. (Golathian alternate Runiverse)

147 Edit

148 Edit

  • Balo is born. (Golathian alternate Runiverse)

149 Edit

154 Edit

155 Edit

  • Kirops are first sighted, stealing weapons from a smithy. (Runiverse)

156 Edit

  • Injom is born. (Golathian alternate Runiverse)

158 Edit

  • Galioct rampages throughout Gielnior.

159 Edit

164 Edit

165 Edit

166 Edit

  • The first Maiihn is discovered. (Golathian alternate Runiverse)

167 Edit

  • The Karamja-Asgarnia War starts by Karamjans invading Draynor Village. (Runiverse, Golathian alternate Runiverse)
    • The Asgarnian Marine Corps is sent in to Karamja. (Runiverse, Golathian alternate Runiverse)
    • After two months, the Asgarnian Marine Corps takes 39,800 out of 40,000 casualties. Asgarnia withdraws. (Runiverse, Golathian alternate Runiverse)

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Sixth AgeEdit

170 Edit

  • Caravels are sent at all seas except the Lunar, to explore for new land.
  • The First Outcast War ends.
  • Renitee Music is founded. (Golathian alternate Runiverse)
  • The Cockroach Uprising occurs. (Golathian alternate Runiverse)
  • The Dwarven Rock Band, The Coal Rocks forms.
  • The Asgarnian band, Daciogra, forms. (Golathian alternate Runiverse)
  • Daciogra releases their first single: Another Time for Music. (Golathian Alternate Runiverse)
    • Within a few days, it gets ranked as the #2 album/single sold at the time. (Golathian Alternate Runiverse)
  • Gigi D'Agustember releases his second and well waited for album: L'Amour Toujours E.P.. (Golathian Alternate Runiverse)
    • 24,000 copies were sold within two weeks. (Golathian alternate Runiverse)

171 Edit

  • The Dark Soul band is formed, inspired by Daciogra. (Golathian alternate Runiverse)
  • In collaberation with Gigi D'Agustember, Daciogra releases their second album: From Asgarnia.... (Golathian alternate Runiverse)
    • It peaks at #1 album on the charts on the day it was released, but then drops to #3, and stays there for two months. (Golathian alternate Runiverse)
  • Dark Soul release their first album, The World Ends with Rock!
  • Gigi D'Agustember preforms live in Ardougne Square. (Golathian alternate Runiverse)
  • Gigi D'Agustember releases Wellfare - Live at Ardougne Square, the album of the songs he played at his live concert in Ardougne. (Golathian alternate Runiverse)
  • Dark Soul's Blood, Sweat'n'Tears remix album is released.
  • The Asgarnia-Misthalin Conflict occurs.
  • Daciogra's third and final album, Ashes Through Blazes, is released. (Golathian slternate Runiverse)
    • It tops of the charts at the #1 most sold album in Gielinor at the time. (Golathian slternate Runiverse)

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188 Edit

  • The events of RuneScape - Voyage Into Apocalypse occur, six months after Voyage to the Edge of the World. (Runiverse)
  • 1 day earlier, Battle of Lumbridge occurs, Haru Samazanba Axeman, Kyushi Samazanba, and Kaia Samaznmba slaughter OmuNari. (Haruverse event)
  • Temporal Vibration breaks out over Falador. Multiple warring species appear, Haru, Twilight Guild, Eclipse Guild, and virtually every peacekeeping force worth mentioning is dispatched. Haru successfully destroys a fleet of rogue aliens about to head for earth, saves Mitsuki and Ritsuko, and blows up ZMI conquest ships. (Haruverse event)
  • Nubaria is formed. (Haruverse event)

189 Edit

  • Lunica is destroyed and the Immortals rendered extinct.

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207 Edit

  • The Wilderness Wars end. (Golathian alternate Runiverse)
  • The formation of the Kingdom of Golathia forms out of what was Asgarnia, Misthalin, Musa Point, Al Kharid, the Wilderness, Taverley and the east side of White Wolf Mountain.(Golathian alternate Runiverse)

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213 Edit

  • The Golathia-Morytania War ends. No side claims victory, and no kingdom gains or loses any land. (Golathian alternate Runiverse)

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220 Edit

222 Edit

  • The Golathia-Karamja War ends with a Golathian defeat. Musa Point is surrendered to the Karamjans. (Golathian alternate Runiverse)

223 Edit

  • The Golathian Civil War starts, with angry citizens because of King Kael Adrongi's bad decisions on going to war so many times, and losing two out of the three wars, and winning none. (Golathian alternate Runiverse)

226 Edit

268 Edit

290 Edit

  • A Mini-Second God Wars begins

293 Edit

298 Edit

  • The events of GuthixSupreme begin here: GuthixSupreme1
  • The Gnome-Human Charter expires, giving the gnomes the right to expand their empire.

299 Edit

  • Gnome Port is founded, other gnomic settlements begin to flourish across the island of Karamja.

303 Edit

  • The Gnomes gain control of Shilo Village.

305 Edit

  • The Gnome Empire is granted the entire continent of Karamja, all inhabitants are officially granted Gnomic Citizenship.

306 Edit

  • The Gnome Empire-Khazardian War is won by the Gnome Empire after 267 years of war; Gnomes are granted Port Khazard and the surrounding area. It is renamed Port Shareen in Narnode Shareen's dedication.
  • Kings Shareen and Bolren die, King Keebluh of Gnome Port becomes king.

313 Edit

  • The end of the 13th Qua'acktuun cycle of the Gnomic Calendar occurs on Ire of Phyrrys 1st; the Gnome Empire begins to crumble.

314 Edit

  • The Gnome Port, Port Shareen (Port Khazard), and Tree Gnome Village are all lost to Kandaramja (a fusation of Karamja and Kandarin). The Grand Tree is chopped down and lost to the Kandaramjans.
  • All gnomes are killed, however 7 manage to escape prosecution and hide out in what used to be Arposandra, before it was destroyed. They are: Justen and Ginnia Gianne and their son, Kolson; Aluft Gianne Jr.'s 2 sons, Jonnothan and Marquis(mar-KEE) Gianne; and King Bolren's 2 daughters Jessima and Meloma Bolren.

456 Edit

  • The Dracomancers begin an invasion of the Bongo islands south of Karamja, and this becomes known as The Karamjan Invasion. (Runiverse)

501 Edit

  • Brimhaven and all other port cities are eradicated do to toxins in the water after a massive dieoff of sharks.
  • The end of the 6th age, the 7th age is ushered in.

Seventh Age Edit

Unknown DateEdit

  • The events of the Morytania series supposedly occur sometime in the Fifth Age. (Morytaniverse)

129 Edit

  • The Dracomancers release the Bongo islands but start to invade a gathering of small islands outside the continent. They eventually take a whole archipelago - the Draco Group.

389 Edit

  • The last gnomes, Cormac, Hemloc and Elma O'Bolren-Gianne, return to the surface. The human reaction is mixed.
  • Gielinor becomes a huge mega-city, in which a number of races live together. (Runiverse)

Eighth Age Edit

  • Nuclear wars with each other and other planets nearly sealed the fate of Gielinor. (Runiverse)


Ninth Age Edit

  • Gielinor becomes barely inhabitable, and the Future Horrors are whats left (along with remaining humans). (Runiverse)

Tenth Age Edit

  • Gielinor is destroyed when Angeror dies. (Runiverse)
  • Haru, now 645, along with his companions, visits the remains of Gielinor and moves across the history of Gielinor, attempting to find the ingredients for a new Gielinor.

Forty-Third age Edit


Real-time Edit


  • World War 2 breaks out. Haru frequently visits this era, conversing with a "bespectacled colleague and teacher".

2007 Edit

May Edit

  • The Planet of the Lost film saga starts here, ending in December. The whole 8 movies were released in 1 year for unspecified reasons, but filming of the first movie started in 2001, then the second one and so on.

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September Edit

  • (Unknown date(s)) The Clan Guild decides to attack the Wilderness Swarm, but is defeated.

November Edit

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2010 Edit

January Edit

  • More riots and protests, including the Grand Exchange Riot.
  • 17: Mods arrive on RuneScape, to receive questions about the Wilderness Swarm and announce their course of action.

February to April Edit

  • (Feb) Time Fractures season 3 broadcasts.
  • JaGex releases numerous updates to help players combat the Swarm.
  • (Early April) JaGex polls the players on the best time to attack the Swarm. Almost unanimous result for July.

July Edit

  • 21: D-Day. The new GPA assembles on world 81 to destroy the Swarm once and for all. After a battle that lasts several hours, they succeed and obliterate the Swarm.

August Edit

December Edit

  • Unknown date: JaGex mod arrives to help the owner of the RuneScape Restaurant with his financial problems. A week later the Restaurant is revamped.
  • 25: Flaw in the Plan broadcasts.

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