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Time Fractures is the adventures on Gielinor featuring the aftermath of RuneScape - Souls of the Damned.

Angeror cursed Gielinor to be struck by time anomalies, leading to and from anywhere in the past or future of Gielinor. Although the anomalies may lead to other planets.

The theme tune is Numb by Linkin Park.

The whole concept is based on Primeval, a TV series about time anomalies and dangerous creatures appearing.

Time Fractures is so successful it has a spin-off series, Two Worlds.

Season 1Edit

1Death by DragonThe evil dudeAn anomaly appears in the center of Lumbridge, when an army of Zamorakians come through from the Third Age. This Zamorakian army seem to think they are still in the God Wars. Lumbridge is attacked by evil mages, vampyres, werewolves, demons and even a dragonkin. Only one crack team can stop these incursions; the Gielinor Defender Group. But can they stop the might of K'ril Tsutsaroth? Finished
2Highway to HellThe evil dude and FegaxeylDraynor Manor has become worse than ever. It is now infested with Deathworms, from Hell itself. Although Drauss may be familiar with them, they must be destroyed or sent back before they lay eggs everywhere, and Gielinor becomes a hive of killer slugs.Finished
3From Karda Nui with HateThe evil dudeAn anomaly leads from another universe; the Bionicle universe. Falador is struck by the flying beings only known as Makuta, who have become virtually invincible. Can they be sent back before they spread their shadow and darkness?Finished
4Mahjarrat MoralsThe evil dudeIronically, Varrock is attacked by an army of Undead, through a time anomaly from the Fourth Age. Zemouregal realizes this is the future for him, and causes chaos. And who knows, maybe legendary hero Arrav might be able to help...Finished
5Danger of the DorgeshuunThe evil dudeArdougne is sitting peacefully, until a fracture in time releases killer Cave goblins, from the era of the Dorgeshuun Civil War! Giant frogs rampage through the streets. The GDG must constitute peace between the two Dorgeshuun factions, or else there will be trouble.Finished
6The Tentacled TerrorThe evil dudePort Sarim has come under attack. The ships keep sinking, and the docks are a wreck. The only witnesses claim it was a monster. This may be the hardest mission for th GDG yet, for they must scour the depths for a beast the size of Varrock itself.Finished
7A Master AllyThe evil dudeA stranger has come through an anomaly, but checks out to be a good guy. As he joins the GDG, there is really something sinister about him....Finished
8Holiday for the HeroesMr. GarrisonThe team are sent on a "relaxing break" as Drauss puts it, only to find Brimhaven under attack from large poisonous bugs from the early Fourth Age...Finished
9Castle RevenantsMr. GarrisonAn anomaly opens at Castle Wars pitting the warriors there (and the GDG) against numerous revenants from a time not too long ago...Finished
10Empire of the VampyreMr. GarrisonLord Drakan uses an anomoly linking Meiyerditch to the rest of the world to his advantage. As Vyrewatch conquer the world, Morytania rises.....and the rest of the world falls beneath Drakan's shadow...Finished

Season 2 Edit

1Draconic ChoicesToaBionicleThe only un-filmed episode, Draconic Choices is set in the Dracomancer Base .Un-filmed. Rejected by staff.
2Alien vs GDGThe evil dudeAn anomaly appears at the GDG base, and an alien creature wreaks havoc. How can the team be prepared, at such an unexpected time?Finished
3Fleet of the DoomedThe evil dudeSpaceships are popping up everywhere, but from the future. As the fleet attack Gielinor, there is a mysterious riddle to solve, and if Drauss gets the puzzle wrong, a time bomb will go off, with a range that could devastate the next solar system.Finished
4Fancy in a FirefightFegaxeylAs the GDG repair their base, a Time Anomaly leads to the most unexpected point - the GDG's future. But there is something wrong with the future GDG's attitude and mission quota. As tensions rise, Drauss discovers a shocking fact about the future.Finished
5Love and HateFegaxeylWith Drauss and Kairie trapped in the future with no forseeable way to return to the present, and the twisted future GDG hot on their tails, they try to find a way to return back to base, and avert the catastrophic future they have entered.Finished
6Avian ApocalypseThe evil dudeAnother anomaly leads to the fateful God Wars, but the now-extinct race the Aviantese invade. They plan to convert Gielinor to Armadylism, and will crush anything that stands in their way...Finished
7Day of the Intelligent GoblinsMr. GarrisonLumbridge is the subject of an anomoly from the future which brings through with it a group of intelligent goblins who intend on capturing Lumbridge in order to create their own existence -- does Drauss dare to alter time?Finished
8The Weapons TradeMr. GarrisonStrange future weaponry appears in the ice around Pirate's Cove, which the pirates decide to sell. While they make money, they make havoc with a horde of incredibly powerful warriors heading towards the mainland with technology that could destroy the world...Finished
9Future ArmageddonThe evil dudeA future anomaly opens up, and horrors from Gielinor's far future pour through. As Drauss and most of the GDG now trapped in a dying future, it is up to the Wise old man to save the day...if he can wake up.Finished
10Warrior's WrathThe evil dudeThe GDG discover a shocking secret in the far future, while Gielinor is left defenceless from attack of the future itself.Finished

Season 3Edit

1Genesis ReloadedMr. GarrisonAn anomaly from the start of the First Age appears. The dramatic ammount of power from the dawn of creation fuses with the present day end of the anomoly, leading to time colliding...Finished
2Cold SteelThe evil dudeThe peaceful island of Entrana is at bliss...until an anomaly from nearly 10 years ago appears. Out through the anomaly comes a small unit of Cybermen, and the peace and tranquility goes up in smoke. But the Cybermen have new motives, but this time for escape. The GDG must stop them, because the Cybermen have explosive plans to rewrite history.Finished
3ChaseFegaxeylA bomber on patrol is surprised to discover that a Time Fracture has sent it back to a primeval ocean at the very earliest period of Gielinor. But a seemingly routine rescue mission goes awry when a colony of Deathworms throws a spanner in the works.Under construction
4The TravellerMr. GarrisonA stranger comes through the anomoly claiming to know the team and all about the anomalies. The strange thing is, he knows everything about the team. He also claims he helped them fight off the Kalphites who appeared in Falador, but this hasn't happened.....yet.Finished
5When Kalphites Attack!Mr. GarrisonDeciding to act fast, the GDG travels into the future to encounter a future version of the Traveller who they haven't met. As the whole plot to save Falador begins to fall into place, disaster strikes, but will the plan go as planned?Finished
6Time of the MutantThe evil dudeA virus spreads from one anomaly, and is very contagious. Soon enough, the whole of Seers Village is infected and quarantined. But this virus does worse than sickens; it mutates. The GDG must stop the virus spreading, or else freaks will rule Gielinor.Finished
7Beneath the SurfaceThe evil dudeStrange, underwater aliens are coming from the depths, and ruthlessly invading. But the GDG find out something sinister working behind the scenes, and another mystery to solve. Yet, it comes down to the one you least expect...Finished
8Origins of a FelineMr. GarrisonThe GDG are visited by Bob the Cat, who wants to visit the past and apologies to his parents for arguments long gone, as well as save his girlfriend who got lost in the Kharidian Desert, but how much can the GDG do before rewriting too much history?Finished
9Reunion of FearThe evil dudeWhen a mad scientist working in the GDG experiments on an anomaly, time problems occur. The Time vortex has been damaged as a result, and anomalies appear all over the GDG base. But the GDG are dealing with their pasts...quite literally.Finished
10Paradox UltimaThe evil dudeOld enemies are appearing everywhere, and Drauss is getting desperate. He is even begging Angeror to reverse the curse, but can the end of the world come so close?Finished

Holiday SpecialsEdit

There will be 3 Christmas specials, each on Christmas day. These specials are still canon to the rest of episodes, but each have a theme of Christmas.

1The Lord of Blade (2008)The evil dudeChristmas draws near, and the GDG plan to take a break. But a shapeshifting alien makes the holiday hard to relax.Finished
2Conduits at Christmas Time (2009)FegaxeylThe Christmas holidays are here and school is closed... except for one which is transported into a snowy realm of anomalies - and threats. The GDG are separated when the anomaly collapses, making their only course of action a massive adventure through countless anomalies and against countless threats.Under construction
3Flaw in the Plan (2010)The evil dudeThe anomalies are gone, thanks to Drauss a year ago. But when another pops up, the GDG want a word with Angeror. But when he is contacted, he truthfully says he lifted the curse. Although the GDG find it hard to believe, they realize it is the truth. Someone else is meddling with the laws of time. But they can find out who?Finished

Story ArcsEdit

There was only one story arc that was seeded into all three seasons. The arc was Angeror, mentions to him, cameos of him, even implies of him (i.e., chaos, anger). This all lead to the ultimate finale, Paradox Ultima. Each story has a different way of showing the story arc, the examples are below.

Website Edit

Naturally, when the series started, the website was set up a few days before the pilot episode. Each week it would update (each week had a new episode), but with every new series the website would be revamped.

Features of the website included;

  • Games
  • Episode Guide
  • Archive (only after series 1)
  • Images
  • Audio Downloads
  • Videos
    • Music
    • The Making of
    • Monster Files
    • Trailers
  • Characters
  • Enemies and Monsters
  • Spin-Offs

There are some music videos on the site, including the alternative title sequence featuring the song Crawling. There are tonnes of other Linkin Park music videos, but in Runiverse style (see this link).

The monster files were videos that said all the facts about the latest monsters and villains (it would update each week to coincide with latest episode). Sometimes there isn't a monster in the episode, so "extra files" may be added about other creatures in the Runiverse. Some facts featured in each file weren't covered in the episode.

Monster FilesEdit


Time Fractures had also been released out on several DVDs. It was rated 12a for violence, horror, sex references and mild language.

DVD listEdit

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