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The Followers Of NagiliEdit

  • Force composition: 5 Nagili Warriors, 5 Nagili Rangers, 10 Nagili Magers, and the Enchanter.


The Defenders Of NagiliEdit

  • Force composition: 10 Nagili Stallers, 10 Nagili warriors, 10 Nagili Rangers, and the Twilight Wizard.


Attackers Of NagiliEdit

  • 50 Nagili warriors, 50 Nagili Mages,and 20 Nagili Assassins.


Saradomin VehiclesEdit

  • 100 Vehicles with 20 Saradomin Marines in each Vehicle.

100 Vehicles, 2000 Saradomin Marines = 2100

Saradomin AircraftEdit

100 Aircraft with 100 Saradomin Marines loaded in each one. 100 Aircraft, 10000 Saradomi Marines = 10100

Vehicles Of NagiliEdit

  • 50 Lightning Birds with 20 Nagili Marines Loaded in them.


Entral Of the CaveEdit

  • 50 Enchanted Souls, 1000 Wizards. Bronze/Iron/Steel/Black/Mithril/Adamant/Rune, Recruit Sopina, Corporal Erselse, Sergeant Rykigha, Lieutenant Werlisty, and Captain Xalo.