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From left to right; Staff of Power, Book of Shadows, Vial of Healing, Candle of Mending and Spear of Life.

The Objects of Power are the five items created at the dawn of the universe to keep order and balance.

The Staff Of Power Edit

The most powerful staff in the world, it is the most powerful of the objects.

Book of Shadows Edit

This book, when opened, will be blank. When the holder speaks his request three times, a spell will appear on all the pages that will give the holder his wish.

Vial of Healing Edit

A vial that contains a healing fairy, that can produce infinite amounts of healing potion.

Candle of Mending Edit

This candle will fix any broken objects within a mile. It is kept safe by a paper wall, which is, of course, fixed when broken.

Spear of Life Edit

This spear can do mainly two things. The first is to drain the life force of another into the wielder, strengthening them. The second is when the wielder drains some of his own life force into the target, and this can resurrect the dead.

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