The Beggining Edit

On the 13th of December, 2007, the greatest glitch is RuneScapes history had happened. One user named “Pkr4lyf01” had hacked all the servers of RuneScape. Pkr4lyf01 altered the coding of the game so he could do whatever he wanted to with the game. On the member servers, he duplicated the King Black Dragon, the Kalphite Queen, the TzTok-Jad, the four God Wars commanders (Kree’arra, Commander Zilyana, General Graardor and K’ril Tsutsaroth) and the Ket-Zek so there’d be enough for all servers. Then he did the unthinkable- he teleported them to each server’s main cities!

Dawn of War Edit

On the free worlds, the lower levels at Lumbridge were instantly slaughtered and respawned again. At the other cities and areas, they were killed at sent to Lumbridge, and were killed by the TzTok-Jad, who was there at the time. Pkr4lyf01 also caused the players to be unable to log out, and gave everyone the power to kill each other. Pkr4lyf01 also created a creature called the “God Slayer”, a creature with a level of 999, infinite health, and a max hit of 99, to take out any Player Mods or Jagex Mods that it saw. Protect prayers had no effect on any of the monsters.

Futile Resistance Edit

Players with high combat levels started attacking other low-level players, others attacked the monsters. They were slain, but respawned instantly. Jagex attempted to shut the servers down, but that only resulted in causing the world select screen to read “0” on all servers, and the “There are currently x people playing!” to read 0 as well.

End of War Edit

After 1 hour, Jagex managed to stop Pkr4lyf01 and stop the monsters. They did this by manually shutting the servers down, causing everyone to automatically log off. No-one got their items back, and it is estimated that 100,000,000,000gp worth of items was lost. For 1 week, there was a massive riot that spread to most of the free cities.

Aftermath Edit

Pkr4lyf01 was found out by telling a friend what he had done. This friend, who shall remain nameless, told Jagex of this and they permanently banned his account, and any accounts logging in from his IP address.

By Altarius95