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Start point Quest map icon Talk to the Enchanter, north of Nahiliti.
Member requirement P2P icon
Official difficulty Intermediate Intermediate
Description Can you find out the mystery why everyone is acting so strange?
Length Medium-Long
  • 25 Thieving-icon Thieving
  • Able to fight a level 48 Sergeant Rkagha and some Metal wizards.
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  • None
Enemies to defeat None


  • Talk to the Enchanter. He will say something about Metal Wizards, then he will stop and say "Completely ignore what I said". And you will say "What metal wizards?". Then he will say "STOP IT!".
  • You are determined to find out more. You think about Metal Wizards being in the south part of the Island, and you kill a Iron Wizard.
  • He will drop a Spirit Stone. Take it to the Twilight wizard, and he will take it right out of your inventory and break it. Go kill another one and examine it yourself.
  • You will go to the cave, then a cave passageway will open up. You will go into it and face-to-face with a Enchanted Soul.(Note: you will need the Stone to get into the cut-scene.)
  • It will show you doing 5 damage and a Enchanted Soul doing 500 damage. The Twilight wizard will find you and pull you back immediately.(You won't die)
  • The Twilight wizard explains that they were keeping all the secrets away from you because they thought you would die. He will give you a Enchanted SH ring. The SH ring prevents the spirit doing heavy damage from you. It has 1000000k hits (assuming how Enchanted Souls can deal a whooping 500 damage if your not wearing it)
  • Go to the cave and kill one Enchanted Soul. Go out, and you will find a cut-scene with the Island in crisis.
  • To stop all this madness, go on top of the hill and kill Sergeant Rkagha. He is weak to melee while Magic a poor choice because he has High magic Defense. Remember to wear your SH ring, he could hit well over 1000 hits without the ring. With the ring he hits about 3s and his max hit is 6.


  • 3 Quest Points.
  • 500 Thieving-icon experience
  • Enchanted SM ring
  • Ability to buy and wield Rune Trident.
  • Access to the cave to train on Metal Wizards.