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The Dracomancer Saga location
The Draconic Plane
Type Heaven-Cloud
Owned by? Draco
AKA Heaven
Inhabitants Dragonkin, Dragons, Dracomancers
Notable visitors Dargenath
First N/A
Last N/A

The Draconic Plane is the land that the Dragonkin came from. It is said that it is to Dracomancers as heaven is to humans. In ancient legends, it is said that this place is a great city, ruled by the Dragonkin, until being destroyed by humankind. Then Draco came, and brought salvation to the dragons, spreading them across the world.

The Plane has three main areas, the Outskirts (The Layer of Burning Cloud), the Salvation (The Layer of Safety) and the Monastery of Draco (The Almighty Temple). The Outskirts are what the Dracomancers consider Hell.


A picture of Fort Draconis, the main temple within the Monastery of Draco

Dragon rune

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