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The Avarrockian Times is a newspaper that is sold mainly in Varrock, but is read all over Gielinor.

War Comes to Asgarnia Edit

Written by The evil dude.

Date: Year 168

Today, the whole world waits, as war hits Asgarnia. The fabled Legion of Skaroth has struck Falador, and invaded en-masse. A few minutes later, the city is turned from the shining city to the destroyed dump. The Asgarnian Marine Corps suffered heavily, and a strange flying thing headed towards Misthalin.

Falador was not the only one attacked; Port Sarim was completely obliterated. Some witnesses say it was flying monsters made of metal. Seeing is believing.

Taverley was also destroyed, but not by the Skaroth. Lots of giant flying things came, with strange beings deploying out of them! Then these armoured beings combatted another strange army right in front of our eyes. These invasions were out of our hands, and no other region came to Asgarnia's aid.

In the end, everything sorted. The Skaroth retreated, and the strange beings killed or left. Rumours have said about green monsters using humans as skin suits! Thats crazy now, but lets hope something like this never happens again.

Humanity Plunges into War with another Species Edit

Written by The evil dude.

Date: Year 172

The blue terrorist wasn't the height of our problems when it melted Varrock castle; strange, flying spiky monsters were. They have been identified as Scorpozi by witnesses. But their invaded us en-masse, as a strange rift in the sky let them all in. They came, they killed. We were desperately fighting for our lives here, perhaps again if you are Asgarnian.

Luckily, some mages used their spells to fight back, but a gigantic one came and swiped Varrock in half with its claw. We later found Paterdomus temple in our midst.

Everyone believes in gods, and luckily Linkin Park arrived to sort things out. Once the invaders were gone, we could live life without the thought of war and death. But for how long? This battle was as large as the Battle of Asgarnia, a few years back.

When Mountains Split, we Face Extinction Again! Edit

Written by The evil dude

Date: Year 172

We are still recovering from ten weeks' ago invasion, but now we face extinction yet again. Mt. Titania, our tallest mountain, has split in two and exploded. From its ashes comes two strange armies, presumably from outer space again. They attacked Burthorpe, then turning on each other.

We saw another flying object, but now our top scientists have been studying these and calling them "spaceships", vehicles that can actually travel from planet to planet! We hope we can achieve this technology. What happens next, you will have to keep buying the paper to find out.