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The Angeror Fanatics Society (TAFS)
Blue Demon
Also called? The Alone Ones
Members only? Yes
Size Unknown, at least 5 members
Location Unknown
Requirements Loving Angeror
Insignia An inverted coloured demon

TAFS was created in the year after Souls of the Damned, when the curse of Angeror first took effects. His energies created creatures which were a combination of elementals. They found out that if they can reopen the void in a period of time, then their master can be restored to a physical form. This forms the basics of Revenge of the Alone Ones.

Members Edit

Traptra Edit

Traptra Traptra is the leader of the group. He is usually in charge of all the operations, and has such great power that he turned Iemoion into his current form.

Glom Edit

Glom Glom is the team's main bulk. he is often mistreated by the other members, and is always being hypnotised by Iemoion.

Iemoion Edit

Iemoion Iemoion was once a normal fire elemental, until Angeror's energies fused him with a nearby earth elemental. He is the only custom-made Alone One, all the others were automatically formed by the energies (with the exception of Melissa), and he seems to be the weakest. Iemoion relies on his hypnotizing skills to help him. He was morphed into his "fire wave" form when he disrespected Traptra.


Melissa Edit

Melissa Melissa was once a young girl from Yanille. When Angeror sent his curse, she was searching a cave, the very cave that would become their base. She was made into an air/water combo, and has since took this in her stride, being more agile and quick than the others.

Argoyle Edit

Argoyle Argoyle is the smallest member of the group, and goes on most of the speed missions with Melissa. He discovers the paradox timeline allowing Angeror to take physical form.

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