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Sustained spellcaster potion
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Members Yes
Quest item The Poison Project
Tradeable No
Equipable No
Stackable No
Value N/A coins
High alch Expression error: Unrecognised word "n". coins
Low alch Expression error: Unrecognised word "n". coins
Destroy yes
On death Unknown edit
Store price 100 000gp coins
(Hooded Mystic)
Examine A rare potion especially designed for the convenience of powerful wizards.
Weight 0 kg

The sustained spellcaster potion is a unique potion that it is untradeable, and also cannot be made through any method of Herblore. The potion can only be obtained midway through The Poison Project grandmaster quest, and be purchased thereafter.

The potion requires 99 Magic to buy and therefore use. I can only be obtained from the Hooded Mystic once every five hours for a fee of 100,000gp.

Effects Edit

The potion has the primary effect of sustaining a player at level 116 magic (the same as a player drinking an extreme magic potion at level 99 magic) for fifteen minutes. The player's boosted stats do not gradually decrease as is standard of boosting potions. Their magic level will remain at 116 for the duration of the fifteen minutes and then go straight back to 99. The berserker prayer has no effect on the potion's duration.

While Virulent cascade is able to be casted when magic is boosted to level 100 by any means, including the technically equal boosts of extreme magic potions, the potion is very useful as it will maintain the required boost for a significantly longer period of time than any other potions, whilst also providing the best boost possible. Whilst it is pricey, its longevity actually accounts for some of its price as it will last significantly longer than extreme magic potions of overloads.