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Super Smash Bros. RSFF Edition was the fourth installment of the Super Smash Bros game series. This has no Nintendo characters, but instead the characters of role plays and stories on this wiki (hence the name being RSFF).

Unlockable CharactersEdit

NOTE: Only insert images of the faces or heads of characters, to keep the table normal size

Picture Name First Appearance Special Abilities Final Smash Attack
Angerorhead Angeror

[1] || Regicide || Teleport, Shadow Bolts, Fire Fists, Claw Melee || "Chestburster"

Cyberhead Cyber-Lord Regicide Cyber Punch, Delete "Triple Deletion"
Zantrozhead Commander Zantroz Staff of Power Claw Melee, Energy rifles "Nova Bomb"
Slitheenhead Cyranus Slitheen Battle of Asgarnia Super Strength, super speed, Claw melee "Belly Drop"
Scorpozihead Scorpozi Peacekeepers Claw melee, Drill "Spin slice"
Wormhead Deathworm Souls of the Damned Devour, Acid spit, Super jump "Stretch Devour"
Karaza Staff of Power Claw melee, Flaming chains "Chain-quake"
Hydraxorhead Hydraxor Staff of Power Claw melee, Spear throw, Swoop "Laser cannon"
Grim Reaper Regicide Scythe swipe, Teleport "Death's Touch"
Judoonhead Judoon Chief Battle of Asgarnia Laser blaster, Sword, Rhino charge "Units Advance"
Mutra Achilos Souls of the Damned Super speed, Laser guns, Super jump "Cyborg electro-wave"
Kirop Revenge of the Alone Ones Claw Melee, Shadow bolts, Machine gun "Gather Troops"
John Dixon Peacekeepers Mind Read, Regenerate "Dragon Breath"
The Assassin Souls of the Damned Heal, Super Sameri "Karate Chop"
Draco Peacekeepers Dragon mode "Dragon Spirit"
Dargenath Staff of Power Evolve, Possess "Life Strike"
Albus Malfoy Peacekeepers Possess "Burn"
Prototype Regicide Rock storm, calcuate "Meteor Attack"
Creed mask "The Assassin" Bank Heist Super speed, swords, throwing knives "The Silent Killer"
Nazaratol Battle of Asgarnia Throwing swords "Maul Masher"
Dalek Sec Battle of Asgarnia Hover, Exterminate, Plunger Suck "Rapid Fire"
Cookie Monster Peacekeepers Cookie bazooka, Throwing cookie stars "Consume"
Drauss Regicide To be filled To be filled
Cratus Regicide Box Blast To be filled
Wise Old Man Regicide Saradomin Strike, Super Nova "Summon Giant Skeletal Wyvern"
Lance for SSBRSFF King Lance Regicide Fighting Blue Shadow, Glowing Blue Blade "Atomic Impact"
Treo for SSBRSFF Treo Regicide Willow Root's Bind, Blue Fire Blast "Blue Fire Bombarding"
Commander Zell Fancy in a Firefight To be filled To be filled
Master Chief A Master Ally Plasma rocket launcher, plasma grenades "Warthog"
Future Horror

[2] || Future Armageddon || To be filled || To be filled

Trapta Revenge of the Alone Ones Crisp, Fire-Up "Fire Punch"
Kalgar Battle of Asgarnia Claw melee, Shadow energy "Fire Blast"
The Stranger Peacekeepers Sonic screwdriver, TARDIS (teleport) "Vortex Smash"
Dini and Hood Peacekeepers Stun blaster "Scavenge"
Mcwhite81 Battle of Asgarnia Various White Melee weapons "White Stab"
Vrkn Battle of Asgarnia Laser pistol, Various melee weapons To be filled
Chris Grantly Staff of Power To be filled To be filled
Jennifer Smith Staff of Power To be filled To be filled
Peterickton Peterickton Revenge of the Alone Ones Howl, Bite 'n' Scratch "Animal Stampede"
Jigo for SSBRSFF Jigo Regicide Ice Punch, Crescent Slash "Ice Barrage"

[3] || Revenge of the Alone Ones || Liquid Freeze, Supr strength, Super speed, Teleportation || "Nitro-Blast"


[4] || Revenge of the Alone Ones || Super strength, Gigantic Bite, Shadow bolts, Transform || "Lightning Maelstrom"

Apoca Lypse Murder in the Masses Bayonet Arm Melee "Rapid Slash"

[5] || Welcome to Morytania || Super speed, Super jump, Claw melee, Bite, Sting || "Tunnel-Tastic"

Captain of the Sentient Squids Voyage to the Edge of the World Strangle, Tentacle Whip, Puffer Accomplice "Eight-Legged Knockout"
The Shadow

[6] || Operation Necrosis || Life Force Drain, Hover || "Shadow Titan"


[7] || Voyage to the Edge of the World || Super speed, Super strength, Venom spit || "Web Entangle"


[8] || Murder in the Masses || Tentacle Whip, Bite || "Super Tentacle Growth"


Stadium Features and EventsEdit

  • In all stadiums, time anomalies can pop up anywhere and at anytime. These anomalies then release a random enemy from Time Fractures.
  • In Port Sarim, a Krakalos could appear as an enemy. Other events in this level include attacking warships.
  • In Mt. Titania, avalanches can randomly come, as well as the Zantrozian ship and a Hydraxite battle cruiser tearing the level in two.
  • In The Tridax, Kirops and Vicans can appear as enemies.
  • In Hell, you could be randomly attacked by Deathworms.
  • In Draynor Market, you could get attacked by Guards, also, the Skeletal Wyvern is flying around, you will bounce if you touch it.


These items would be able to be picked up by whoever touches them.

  • Pistol
  • Grenade
  • Doomsday Device
  • Flamethrower
  • Undead Potion
  • Tele-Pebble
  • Maiihn-in-a-box. When thrown, a Maiihn comes out of a box and stops all players from doing anything in a short radius by using its loud scream for two seconds.
  • Mechanical Flyer, a flying magical crossbow that shots arrows very fast, it deals 3% damage per arrow.


You can select various music, including real life ones and ones created for the games. Many of the songs below were performed by Linkin Park in various stories.


  1. only unlocked when whole game is complete, and arguably the best character in the game.
  2. Only unlocked after killing it as a boss.
  3. Only unlocked after killing it as a boss.
  4. Only unlocked after killing it as a boss.
  5. Only unlocked after killing it as a boss.
  6. Only unlocked after fighting it as a boss.
  7. Only unlocked after killing it as a boss.
  8. Only unlocked after killing it as a boss.