Strike City is the official city of Strike Clan. It is located on an island south of Tutorial Island. It is a very lush island filled with various forms of flora and fauna. The city itself is made of buildings nearly crystaline in nature. The city is lead by Planetcatter himself.


  • Planetcatter - The Green-haired warrior of Strike Clan. He gladly speaks to anyone who seeks him. Leads the Strike Elite.
  • Mysterious Old Man - Randomly teleports into the City when called upon to grant the City supplies. Always leaves them in modified Strange Boxes to carry whatever is asked of him.
  • Leo the Gravedigger - Whenever Necromancers attack the City, Leo visits to claim the various undead and take them back to their graveyards.
  • Sandwich Lady - Lives in the city to supply them with various foods at her shop.
  • Dr. Ford - Runs a Eye-Doctor office. Is upset because people rarely need appointments anymore.


  • Master Razoren - Leads an army of Necromancers to invade the city every now-and-then.
  • The Hackers - Villains who steal things from the occupants of the city.


  • Tigers - Unique to this island. Non-qggresive, but when talked to, they will offer the player a duel. A fight then commences.
  • Hawks - Larger than normal ones, the size of a man. They can speak english and often walk like people, causing some to believe they are humans in costumes. They help protect the city from the Necromancers. Non-agressive

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