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Spirit Navy Of Souls
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Also called? S.N.S.,Entral Navy
Members only? Can't Join
Size Secret Spirit Assassin Service,5000 Metal Wizards of all kind,General Khrail,50 Souls and 50 Spirits.
Location Spirit-Infested-Island
Requirements Can't Join
Insignia Usually Rune Wizard Armor and a Rune Trident.


This Navy was founded by Khrail in the Third Age. They sailed from all the way,but landing a very bad crash stop in the Spirit-Infested-Island in the beginning of the 4th Age, and has been made secret, even forgotten by other Entral Captains. Because they were worthless and did not have any armor, they picked up the "Old Rags" Of Third-Age-Armor, not even realizing how expensive they would cost in the Fifth Age. In the beginning of the Fifth Age, Captain Xalo Found them, and they have been exchanging goods ever since, even founding the Secret Spirit Assassin Service to their aide....


The Spirit Infested Island is in the middle of nowhere, or near the Tyrinis Dungeon.It is the main headquarters of the Navy. It is Infested with Entrals. The heart of the island is Entral Sumarine Dock, where troops board the ship.


Attack Of Musa Point (Middle Of Third Age)Edit

In the Third Age, when Karamja was very poor, the Fleet attacked Musa Point, by landing on dock Of Musa Point. They disguised themselves as warriors, then about 200 people stormed into Musa Point. In about 10 seconds Musa Point Dock was Swarmed,and 20 Seconds Later,the stores were too. about 300 people stormed in Karamja Gate.......

Attack Of Brimhaven (Middle Of Third Age)Edit

About twice as many Spirits stormed Brimhaven, but, because being a bigger city,in about 5 seconds they stormed all the shops. In about 15 minutes they destroyed everything that was destroyable. They posted a flag, too. But the flag was forgotten in after the Raid Of Karamja. About 1000 New Spirits continued....

Attack Of Shilo Village (Middle Of Third Age)Edit

Spirits crushed through the seemly walled through Shilo Village.They killed everybody,and they posted a flag on Shilo Village too.About roughly 50 Spirts and 500 People were killed.Then,their potions helped them brewed a Entral Potion.The battle lasted an hour,primary because of their potions and strong defenses.


All rode back to Spirit-Infested-Island,but facing a accident,the fleet sank.Then,the sumarine found them when the ship half-sank,and roughly 50 submarines came and rescue them.No one was lost.When they came back,the ship leader,as quoted "We will never have another raid". But..........

Distruption Of Nagili(End Of Forth Age)Edit

A raid of 2000 Nagili Members attacked the island,and they barly had time to prepare.The navy came,and roughly 500 spirits were lost,but they had killed off the raid. A chip of Spirit-Infested-Island was lost....

The FleetEdit

Souls Unite(1) 50 Souls,50 Spirits, 1,000 Metal Wizards.Biggest Ship, and the most Populated.

Spirit Attack (30) 1,000 Metal Wizards, All Rank Members. Second Most Populated.

The Entral Defenses (5) 500 Metal Wizards, 1 Secret Spirit Assassin Service(SSAS) Member.

Entral Secret Spirit Assassin Service (2) 50 Members Of the SSAS Service.

Souling Subs (50) 1 SSAS Member.