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The Spidorpion is the fusion of the Giant spider and Scorpion from the genetic rune ability.

Hunting and DietEdit

The Spidorpion will hunt anything that moves, using its tail to inject a neurotoxin into the prey, which effectively paralyses it. It then uses its pincers to rip and eat the defenseless prey. However, the Spidorpion often fail: only 1/13 hunts are successful. The Spidorpion's conflicting instincts mean that it can easily get confused, and allow the prey to slip away. When sever hunts in a row have failed, the Spidorpion will spin a web. If anything gets caught, the Spidorpion will use its digestive juices to suck up the trapped prey. Again, the scorpion side may overcome the spider instincts, meaning the Spidorpion could slash through the web and accidentally free its prey.

Uses in Gielinor SocietyEdit

The Spidorpion's pincers could be used for weaponry, as a sort of gauntlet. The hide is quite fashionable, and dresses made from the stuff are all the range for dresses in the Falador Party Room. The poison has been used to stun inmates in prisons, if they become to violent. The web can be spun into silk, also able to made into expensive dresses, which its colourful pink blood has been used to dye.

Social HierarchyEdit

Spidorpions will generally fight to become "emperors" of their tribe. These emperors rarely stay on the throne more then a few weeks, before another challenger comes along for a royal assassination. Some Spidorpions have different jobs, there are hunters who actually hunt for the nursery, there are Spidorpions who mind the younglings, Spidorpions who guard their tribe's terretory, etc. They seem to have a fully functional society, arguably better than our own. Spidorpion's also have an astonishing understanding of us, as they have been known to understand simple instructions in English.