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The Snubber was a small hand-held weapon that resembled a modern pistol, only fatter and taller. Unlike many other weapons of the GDG, it was not very well liked, and viewed more as a neccessity than an accessory. One of the main reasons for this, other than it's complete lack of aesthetic qualities, was that it was useless for anything other than it's main job. Even so, it was very effective when it came to that job: silent, close-quarter combat.

The Snubber was designed for base attacks, and base attacks only. To meet this challenge, the GDG's Science Department created the Snubber: a weapon roughly 12 centimetres tall, 5 centimetres wide, and 16 centimetres long. As a kinetic-based weapon, it fired oddly shaped rounds - they were, instead of the traditional cylinder-and-cone shape for normal bullets, these rounds looked like a fat pentagon from side-on. Also, these rounds were made not of lead, but extremely tough rubber. The idea for this was that any units who were using a Snubber on a mission would not have brought piles of ammo, so they could easily reclaim the spent round and use it again. As an anti-personal weapon, it was supposed to kill, but with no explosives involved, and as an espionage weapon, it was designed to make minimal noise and leave next to no traces of it's use.

Unfortunately, it was useless for any other task, and had a range of only a few metres. Nevertheless, all units who were tasked with espionage or undercover missions were provided with a Snubber, which eventually they came to cherish.

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