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The Skeletal Wizards' Tower is located in north-eastern Morytania to the east of Dragontooth Island north of the Poison Swamp. The tower came into existence not long after the Wizard's Tower near Draynor was constructed. There, the head wizard sent out a band of wizards to discover the magic of the rest of the world. The group ventured into the land known as Hallowvale and were welcomed by Saradominists. They journey through the forests and reached the north-eastern coast where they set up camp. When Count Drakan arrived and discovered their powerful magic, he sent his two personal Vyrewatch to deal with them. The Vyrewatch attacked, and with their immense power managed to use their power against them, killing them. Drakan admired their magic so much however, he resurrected them as a evil skeletons of their past forms. The tower is inhabited by Skeletal wizards which are level 28 and 54. The quest "The Forgotten Sorcerers" is heavily involved with the tower and the track "Waterfront" can be unlocked here.
Location on World Map
Dragontooth Island Skeletal Wizards' Tower Unknown
Poison Swamp