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Start point Quest map icon Talk to Shantay in the Shantay Pass.
Member requirement P2P icon
Official difficulty Experienced Experienced
Description Shantay needs your help with his imports.
Length Long


Items required Items from the toolbelt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.


  • A few waterskins
Enemies to defeat None


  • Talk to Shantay.
  • Talk to Osman in Al Kharid.
  • Talk to Louie Legs in the platelegs shop.
  • Head into Sophanem and go to the south, where you will see a new coal mine. Enter the small building near the mine and talk to the Master Smith.
  • (You can now make black items, way to go for you! ^_^)
  • Smelt 27 coal into 9 black bars in Al Kharid, and make them into five black platelegs in Varrock.
  • Give the five platelegs to the Master Smith.
  • Talk to Shantay again.



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