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Start point Quest map icon Talk to Mandrith in the Edgeville Bank.
Member requirement F2P icon
Official difficulty Intermediate Intermediate
Description Mandrith heard rumours about a mysterious, precious artifact that is located somewhere in the Wilderness. Mandrith intends to claim it, but his fear of skeletons prevents him from going alone. Can you help him to find this artifact?
Length Long
Items required Items from the toolbelt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.


  • Weapon, Armour, Food
Enemies to defeat
Mandrith chathead

Talk with Mandrith in the Edgeville Bank.

  • Mandrith: How can I help you?

Choose: You look like you can use some help.

  • Mandrith: Oh well yes, I am planning to go on a expedition to the Wilderness soon. You see, a adventurer found a huge artifact in the Wilderness but wasn't able to take it with him, because of its huge size. In order to claim it I asked Maximillian Sackville, who will be our banker, the adventurer who will help us locate the artifact, and my brother Nastroth for some more "firepower". Yet the Wilderness is full of dangers... Maybe you would like to come with us?
    • I would like to go with you.
      • Mandrith: That is great to hear. Meet us at the Edgeville lodestone.
    • No, thank you.
      • Mandrith: You don't have the time to come with us yet? Well you can always come with us another time.
    • Why do you want this artifact?
      • Mandrith: I'm afraid I cannot tell you that. Let's just say it's my duty to collect them.

Go to the Edgeville lodestone, you will see Mandrith, Maximillian Sackville, Nastroth and PKMaster0036 and talk with Mandrith.

  • Mandrith: Ah there you are. Then we are ready to go!
  • Maximillian Sackville: No, not yet, for some reason some of our supplies are missing. We had lots of swordfish and they are gone now.
  • Mandrith: Sorry, I got hungry from waiting.
  • Maximillian Sackville: Player, would you like to get us fifteen swordfish? And for some reason, the rope is broken.
  • Nastroth: Mandrith and I were doing tug of war, and then it snapped.
  • Maximillian Sackville: Sigh... Player, would you like to get us five pieces of rope? Furthermore, we will need five anti-dragon shields, since we might run into some dragons.
  • Player: Okay.

If you have these items on the bank

  • Maximillian Sackville: I see you have some items/all of these items on your bank account. Mind if I add these to our resources? You will lose these items forever.

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