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Scorpozis Prime
Species Scorpozi
Level Unknown
Born? Unknown
Died? Still alive
Affiliation? Scorpozi, Federation of Fear
God? Unknown
Rank? Overlord
Series None
Appearances RP: Peacekeepers, Souls of the Damned

Scorpozis Prime was the gigantic overlord of the Scorpozi. It was the size of Varrock respectively.

It invaded Gielinor, and in one swipe with its claw Varrock was split in half. It also threw the Paterdomus temple into the center of Varrock. The Prime later got banished to a crystal prison by Linkin Park. (RP: Peacekeepers)

Later, the crystal prison shattered, and the Scorpozi re-invaded. The Prime destroyed Lumbridge, but was forced to retreat due to John Dixon'sintervention with the Staff of Power. (RP: Souls of the Damned)

The Prime was later invited to join the Federation of Fear, but the Prime instead sent Scorpozis Alpha, a smaller relative, to represent the Prime at the Federation. (RP: Revenge of the Alone Ones)