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Start point Quest map icon Talk to Mayor of Yanille
Member requirement P2P icon
Official difficulty Experienced Experienced
Description The player must save Gigi D'Augustember from the evil king Rowehi Baslefax Panzerschlereck of Old Yanille.
Length Medium
  • Ability to defeat 10 level 50 Raving imps in a multi-combat area
  • Ability to defeat a level 103, and 40 combat.
Items required Items from the toolbelt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • 1 blank CD
  • 5 vinyl records (100 noted swamp tar needed to obtain)
  • 15,000 coins
Enemies to defeat None

To start Saving Gigi, a player must first go to Yanille. They must then talk to the fat man loitering outside of the bank. He is the mayor, will say that Gigi D'Agustember was supposed to preform his new L'amour Toujours songs at a public concert, but was captured by King Rowehi Baslefax Panzerschlereck of Old Yanille. The mayor will send 2 non-attackable level 28 soldiers to help you go to Old Yanille and save Gigi.

Infiltrating Old Yanille Edit


A map of Old Yanille.

To infiltrate Old Yanille, the player must go to the manhole in the middle of Yanille. Upon opening, 1 level 50 raving imp will come out. He is non-attackable, but the guards will take care of him don't worry. The player and the 2 soldiers would then go down the manhole, and through a long corridor in the sewer. At the end, the player and the soldiers will reach a larger area, most likely an amphitheater.

Saving Gigi Edit

Once the player steps into the amphitheater, the 2 soldiers will start attacking one of 11 raving imps. One imp will be killed, and the other 10 will kill the soldiers. The 10 remaining imps will then attack the player. After the player has defeated the 10 raving imps, King Rowehi Baslefax Panzerschlereck will then walk to the player. Rowehi Baslefax Panzerschlereck will tell the player about how Gigi D'Augustember will not be saved, and how the player will "meet your doom!". Rowehi Baslefax Panzerschlereck and the player when fight each other. After the player defeats Rowehi Baslefax Panzerschlereck he will then need to talk to Gigi. Gigi will tell the player about how there's a curse on his shackles, making him stay at his mixing table. He will then say he will need 5 vinyl records to test out a new song he's working on that may free him.

Getting the vinyls Edit

To get the 5 vinyl records the player will need to go to Diango and buy them from him. The downside is that Diango needs the materials to make it. The player will the need to get 100 swamp tar, then note it all to give to Diango at once. Diango will say that it will take several hours to make the vinyl records, and give the character the task of then getting 20 Pest Points while the vinyls are being made.

After the player gets 20 Pest Points, they can then return to Diango and retrieve the 5 vinyl records.

Giving the vinyls to Gigi Edit

After getting the 5 vinyl records from Diango, the player must then go back to Old Yanille, through that same sewer tunnel, and into the amphitheater where Gigi is still imprisoned. Though this time, there will be 2 more Raving imps. After defeating the raving imps the player will then give Gigi the 5 vinyls. Gigi will tell the player that it will take a few minutes, and that they should go tell the mayor of Yanille how things are going with saving Gigi.

After talking to the mayor, the player must then go back and check on Gigi. Gigi will tell them that he used up 3 of the records working on a remix of his "L'amour Toujours" song. Gigi will then play his remix (at this point the player unlocks the "L'amour Toujours (Jump Remix)" music). To his luck, his shackles weaken. Gigi will then attempt to work on a better remix of his song. He will tell the player that he should go play a game of Castle Wars.

After the player plays a game of Castle Wars he will need to return to Gigi. Once (s)he has returned to Gigi, Gigi will tell them that he needs a CD to put the song onto.

Getting the CD Edit

The player will then need to return to Diango to try to get a CD. Upon returning to Diango, he will say that he doesn't have any, but Zaff (located in the Varrock staff store) has some. When asking Zaff about the CD, he will say that he will give it to the player for free if they buy 10 Staffs of Air. After getting the CD, the player will need to return to Gigi.

After returning to Gigi, he will need the CD, and takes it from the player automatically. Then, he will burn his new song onto the CD, then play it (at this time the player unlocks the "L'amour Toujours (I Wish Real Peace)" song). The shackles will break, Gigi will rejoice, then follow the player.

After the player leaves Old Yanille the Mayor of Yanille will congratulate the player for saving Gigi.

Rewards Edit