SCP involved: SCP-RS-089

Personnel involved: Dr. ███████ Reid, Junior Researcher █. █. Gilbert

Date: ██ Ire of Phyrrys, Year 16█ of the Fifth Age

Location: Site-██

Description: Junior Researcher █. █. Gilbert conducted an unauthorized experiment involving SCP-RS-089 in which he requested information on SCP-RS-███ from Dr. Reid while testing the ring's persuasive abilities. Details of SCP-RS-███ were above Gilbert's clearance level.

Experiment: RS-089-██
Date: ██ Ire of Phyrrys, Year 16█ of the Fifth Age
Subject: Dr. ███████ Reid
Test: Subject is asked what he knows about SCP-RS-███.
Result: Subject disclosed the object class and started describing SCP-RS-███ before catching himself.

Junior Researcher Gilbert was reprimanded for the security breach, and containment procedures for SCP-RS-089 were updated in light of the incident.

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