Item #: SCP-RS-039-EX

Object Class: Explained

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-RS-039-EX is kept in an outdoor enclosure at Site-██ under the care of Researcher Hannah Huang. It is to be provided 1.5 kg of feed per day; food scraps from the Site-██ cafeteria may be used for this purpose. Personnel wishing to physically interact with SCP-RS-039 should wear insulating gloves.

Are you sure 1.5 kg per day is enough? She's always hungry! -- Hannah

Description: SCP-RS-039-EX is a female Middle White pig with the ability to produce electric discharges. The animal was approximately three (3) months old and weighed 68 kg at the time of containment. An ear tag bears the name "Jambon" but does not identify an owner. A search of local breed registries has turned up no pigs with that name, which translates to "ham" in French. SCP-RS-039-EX is somewhat cannibalistic, having shown a preference for bacon.

Whose idea was it to feed her bacon? -- Dr. ██████

"Jambon" possesses two (2) electric organs, each of which is composed of several thousand electrocytes. The cells are aligned such that ions flowing through them will create an electric potential. If irritated or threatened, SCP-RS-039-EX sends a signal to its electrocytes through the nervous system. This opens the ion channels for sodium to flow through. The reversal of polarity creates a potential difference, allowing SCP-RS-039-EX to deliver an electric shock up to 1,100 V and 800 mA of current. Such a shock is unlikely to be lethal to an adult human but can briefly stun the victim.

SCP-RS-039-EX was discovered after several civilians in Lumbridge reported getting an electric shock from a pig. The animal was found wandering near a fishing supply shop and did not resist capture.

Addendum: Foundation biologists have determined that SCP-RS-039-EX was created via publicly known genetic engineering techniques. Examination of its tissues has revealed DNA spliced from electric eels. SCP-RS-039-EX was reclassified as Explained on 19 Moevyng, Year █ of the Sixth Age.