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This page is all about the RuneScape Fan Fiction Wiki.

The RuneScape Fan Fiction Wiki is the place for imaginative RuneScape players to come and share their fan fiction, ideas, player-made stories and fake images.

History Edit

The RuneScape Fan Fiction wiki was founded by Chiafriend12 on 24th September, 2007. It was first planned by a group of users on the original RuneScape Wiki, who, long before the wiki was founded, put their fan-fiction on their user sub-pages. The new wiki allowed the users to upload their own images and to make expansive, main space articles. The popularity of the Fan-Fiction Wiki idea has been so popular that entire storylines and sagas have been written. The community is an active one, with frequent inter-user activities (Role-plays, Competitions, etc) that usually involve all the users in the community.

Alas, this true for a short while. For period of just over a year, users (mainly Chiafriend12, The Evil Dude, ToaBionicle, Fegaxeyl and Ugozima) worked together to form long stories in a so-called "Runiverse". But these users grew up or moved onto other things, and now the wiki consists of fakes and independent time-squandering.

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