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This page is to act as a page hub for all text-based adventures in RuneScape Fan Fiction, listed in chronological order of creation date. Feel free to add a description of the text-based adventure in its subsection.

Mission to Hemenster (Unfinished) Edit

Fight to defend the capital of Kandarin from the invading Golthians. Choose your platoon, choose your mid-second battle decisions, and save Kandarin from defeat.

Duel against an Evil Warrior Edit

It's just you, your sword, and your evil opponent. Who will win? Make your choices and become the unquestioned victor!

Alternative Timelines (Unfinished) Edit

You have been sent through time by a mad being, and you yourself can see the past, present and future all in one. But, as you watch parallel and alternative timelines, you may even find out the origins of some mysterious characters. But, there are obstacles on the way, and you might accidentally destroy time all together....

The Battle in Bounty Hunter (Unfinished) Edit

It's Just a Little battle between you and your opponent.Or is it?

Meteor Attack Edit

Defend RuneScape from complete obliteration.

Battle in the Arena Edit

In a quest for freedom, you must fight and defeat enemies without mercy. Every weapon will require a different strategy if you want to become the champion.

Adventures in Varrock Edit

It's just a regular day in Varrock. Or is it?

Lost At Sea Edit

A never-ending journey!

The Second God WarsEdit

Side with Saradomin or Zamorak, make decisions and step in the 6th age!

God Wars II by 4ndrepdEdit

Started as an effort to extend the superb TBA by Firzenr, which has won an Article of the Month, is now a separate project, due to the distinct nature of the two projects. Side with Saradomin, Zamorak, Bandos or Armadyl (Only Saradomin available, Zamorak under construction). Engage in epic battles, and claim the victory to your god! Featuring a unique item and puzzle engine never before seen in a RSFF TBA, (only after unlocked) this is sure to give you some great time. Play Now!

Invasion, Invasion 2 (Unfinished) Edit

1. Help the White Knights reclaim varrock from the Black Knights invasion. 2. Storm the Black Knights fortress to wipe out the invasion force once and for all.

Another Mahjarrat Edit

A Mahjarrat has been discovered in the White Wolf Mountains. A lone Temple Knight has been dispatched to assassinate him and try to thwart any plans for the invasion of Asgarnia.

Glory Edit

The Misthalin-Asgarnia wars are happening. Choose your side.

Ice Bound (Unfinished)Edit

The Frost Giant-Dwarf war has started. Choose your path, young one.