Rules Edit

  • Voters must have at least 100 edits on this wiki to be able to vote. This rule went into effect at 07:03, 1 November 2007 (UTC) and was changed at 22:55, 1, March 2011 (UTC).
  • Proper spelling and at least, proper punctuation and grammar is needed.
  • No vandalism record, or reports.

Requests for adminship Edit

Current Edit

RuneScape Fan Fiction:Request for bureaucracy (community nomination)

Old Edit

  1. Blankothe3rd
  2. Emosworld
  3. The evil dude
  4. ToaBionicle
  5. Da bomba3
  6. 9potterfan
  7. Mr. Garrison
  8. Fegaxeyl
  9. Ugozima
  10. The evil dude (Bureaucrat)
  11. Ugozima (second run)
  12. Rswfan

See also Edit

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