The Identical Fiction Policy is a policy that doesn't rule out one's fiction, even if the title or idea has already been taken.

If Alice makes a Super Abyssal Whip (g) (t), and Bob wants to make an article about their Super Abyssal Whip (g) (t), they are allowed to. If a situation like this ever happens, Bob should move the original Super Abyssal Whip (g) (t) to Super Abyssal Whip (g) (t) (Alice) (in which the "Alice" was the author's user name), and make the now redirect page a disambiguation page, linking to both Alice's article, and Bob's article. Bob then makes their Super Abyssal Whip (g) (t) (Bob) article.

If Bob instead wants to make an article about an NPC named "Super Abyssal Whip (g) (t)", he should move the original to "Super Abyssal Whip (g) (t) (Item)", and name is "Super Abyssal Whip (g) (t) (NPC)"

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