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Welcome to my Fake-making page! If you are a new user, you could learn something here about how to make great articles. Still interested? Read on!

Fake Titles Edit

When you are making your fake, always give it a good title (and more importantly, make sure it's spelt correctly!). A good title is one that is simple and gets to the point, and is also easily pronouncable. If you have a long title, shorten or abbreviate some of it.

Content Edit

Keep your content simple when you start off if you have no planning, then work on each individual part. Later, add information boxes, images, and other things to improve it. Always remember to put {{ Property | Your name here }} at the top! Also, make sure it has a few links. Make sure your content isn't too far-fetched - my favourite articles are grounded in reality with unreal bits added later.

Ask around Edit

There are always lots of people with information. Ask around on their talk pages, making sure that if you are new you put your name in and add your signiature!

Get serious Edit

My best articles I have worked hard on over quite a while. The same will apply to your articles! Also, make sure that the content is chronological (you don't want to have your warrior, born in the year 161 to have graduated in the year 159!).

Save, save, save! Edit

I can't stress this enough! I lost one of my articles after I accidentally pressed the back button before I had saved it as a new page. I lost about three paragraphs of great material. The same also happened on one of my other articles. So, when you have lots of information, either save it or at least show the preview.

Have fun! Edit

Remember that these are fake articles. Fake things are fun things. So have fun!

Further reading Edit

Check out the articles helping you work in the area. Good luch creating fakes and have as much fun as possible!