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The rat pit is a room you can build in your player-owned house at Construction level 80. Due to it being a pit, it must be built underground and can be added as part of a dungeon. As with all minigames in your player-owned house, it is safe and if your cat loses all its lifepoints it will not die and you will not lose it. The rat pit is based on the minigame of the same name.



Fencing surrounds the enclosure of the game and is needed in order for the game to take place.

ItemImageLevel requiredMaterialsExperience gained
Regular fencingRegularfencing8010 planks and 10 nails280
Oak fencingRegularfencing8410 oak planks600
Teak fencingRegularfencing8810 teak planks1,200
Mahogany fencingRegularfencing9210 mahogany planks2,400

Rat HotspotEdit

As you can buy monsters to guard your dungeon, you can buy rats as well. Rats are needed for this minigame to take place.

ItemImageLevel requiredMaterialsExperience gained
Regular ratsRat8010,000 coins32
Hell ratsHell-Rat8840,000 coins200

Treasure ChestEdit

This contains the prize for the winner of the match/tournament.

ItemImageLevel requiredMaterialsExperience gained
Wooden crateWooden crate755 planks and 5 nails143
Oak chestOak prize chest795 oak planks and 2 steel bars340
Teak chestTeak prize chest835 teak planks and 4 steel bars530
Mahogany chestMahogany chest875 mahogany planks and 1 gold leaf1,000

Wall DecorationEdit

These decorations show off your symbol.

ItemImageLevel requiredMaterials requiredExperiece gained
Round shieldRound shield662 Oak planks120
Square shieldSquare shield764 Teak planks360
Kite shieldKite shield863 Mahogany planks420