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RS-DW was a book written by The evil dude. It stands for RuneScape-Doctor Who.

This book was written to see what happened if the events of Doctor Who happened to RuneScape.

Episode ListingsEdit

  • Rose was about a girl from Varrock called Rose Tyler meeting the Doctor for the first time. At the same time, wooden dummies in Varrock's shops invade.
  • The End of the World was about Rose and the Doctor witnessing Gielinor being destroyed by its nearest Sun. In a space station called Platform One, rich aliens come to see its death, including the last Gielinorian Human, Cassandra.
  • The Unquiet Dead was about when the TARDIS travels to the fourth age, and meet the legendary Arrav. At the same time, dead bodies are being possessed by Gelth.
  • Aliens of Varrock was about when a spaceship crashes into the newly built Clock tower in Varrock. It is then revealed that Varrock Palace has been infiltrated by nasty criminal Slitheen.
  • God War Two carries on from the last episode. The Slitheen attempt to cause another God War and release fireballs of destruction.
  • Dalek was about when in the not-too distant future, a rich man has a private museum under Ardougne. He also has the last Dalek chained up.
  • The Long Game was about a manned satellite orbiting Gielinor in the far future. But the Doctor realizes Gielinorianity is being manipulated by a strange alien.
  • Father's Day was about when Rose changes the past to save her should-be dead father. The dragon-like Reapers appear at the scene and "sterilise the wound".
  • The Empty Child was about when the TARDIS travels to the Fourth age, when Varrock is bombarded by the undead. At the same time, an unearthly child terrorizes the streets.
  • The Doctor Dances carries on from the last episode. A zombie army is on the march, but the riddle of the Chula cannot be solved.
  • Boom Town was about when the last Slitheen attempts to destroy Lumbridge with a new power source.
  • Bad Wolf returns us to Satellite Five, where an old enemy lies in wait.
  • The Parting of the Ways continues on from the last episode. The Daleks invade Gielinor, and the Doctor has a choice.
  • The Christmas Invasion was about a massive spaceship appearing over Varrock, with a newly regenerated Doctor is too ill to save the day...
  • New Gielinor is about what happened after Gielinor's death. Cats run hospitals, the last human is back, and a massive head has a message...
  • Tooth and Claw revolves around a Fourth Age queen of Kandarin, who is being targeted by a werewolf.
  • School Reunion is about Mr. Mordaut's school being infiltrated by aliens.
  • The Girl in the Fireplace was about a lost future spaceship, with a connection to a Third Age battle commander.
  • Rise of the Cybermen brings the Doctor and co to a parallel Gielinor, where some old enemies are about to give rise...
  • The Age of Steel carries on from the last episodes. The Cybermen convert an alternate Varrock, and the Doctor himself is helpless.
  • The Idiot's Diamond is about an invention in the early days of the Fifth Age. An energy being is about to take over the commorb system...
  • The Impossible Planet is set in the far future, and a planet lies in orbit around a black hole, which threatens the Jagex Nebula...
  • The Zaros Pit carries on from last episode. An ancient evil awakens, and the humans' servants become their enemies.
  • Love & Monsters revolves around a man who is hunting the Doctor.
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