Every year, Reth walked to a nearby library that normally only had a few people scattered around the shelves. She would visit it more often than once a year, but only once a year did she come to do this. She walked to the basement, and then started by tracing a circle with chalk. After applying a geometric shape to the inside of this circle, she slowly traced sigils along the outside of the circle. When she had done this, Reth tapped three times in the direct center. The circle's inside seemed to go transparent, and a new shape showed through it.

This new shape grew more distinct, and finally passed a point where it could be clearly seen what it was. To those who knew about as much of portals as the pain that a demon could give, it seemed that a demon was merely sticking their reddish head through an odd looking hole in the floor. But to Reth, there was the knowledge that this demon wasn't "sticking their head through the portal" but rather, the portal was around the demon's neck. This proved useful, since the demon could not reach Reth, but Reth could reach the demon.

Reth drew out of a bag, a weapon which made the demon shudder with horror. Despite the demon's questionable intelligence, it knew and feared that particular weapon. It was known, without doubt, what it could do. It could attack where there was no such thing, and where it could attack, chaos reigned. How she came to posses such a tool of demise and destruction, the demon knew not, and this it pondered while Reth started slapping the demon's face with the tool.

Squeak, squeaked the weapon, as it dealt deadly power.

Squawk! With another seemingly absurd sound, the demon was given a throbbing pain on his face.

Quabable! The demon felt pain. He had seen mice more dangerous than this weapon, and it hurt his pride as a demon that this warrior was technically defeating him with a weapon that quababled, squawked, and squeaked.

After a few dozen more hits, the demon fell. Before he greeted a hooded stranger (much to the displeasure of the demon, this stranger seemed to be laughing), he asked himself, "I've seen the master of this world pass me by but for a greater challenge, I've killed many an irksome bald, bearded, green panted fool who should have realized they would be passing me in their flight, and I've killed many a warrior who knew death by means of my claws. And now, now I shall greet the hooded one because of a toy? I shall have been killed by that which quabables?"