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The Immortals Storyline character
Birth 172(5th)
Death Still Living
Profession Erm... Robot?
Affiliation The Hellenius Family, Immortals, Zamorakian Technological Institute
First RuneScape - Regicide
Last Ongoing

I will not give you the glory of killing me, but I will die. At least you will have had your final wish.
— Prototype, Regicide

Prototype is a humanoid cyborg that travels around with The Assassin and his crew.

Biography Edit

Prototype was first manufactured in early 172 by the Zamorakian Technological Institute (Creator of the Yacti and makers of many other mad pieces of science). He was made using a combination of iron welding and earth magics. Because of this, he gained power over stone.

After he was first awakened, he went insane with the shock and caused the cavern to collapse. The ZTI forgot this incident, treating it as secretive and thinking that the Prototype was dead and buried. He wasn't - he exploded out of the cavern and ran wild across Gielinor.

In the next few years, the ZTI developed their new warrior - The Clone Drone. Hearing the Prototype had escape, and fearing it's power, they sent a squadron of them to find the Prototype and destroy him.

The Prototype randomly wandered around, until he met the Cybermen Advance Guard. They were hostile, attempting to attack him. He then brought down a hail of asteroids and nearly destroyed them. Being teleported out, the Clone Drones gave Prototype a choice - die fighting them or die fighting the Cybermen. Prototype chose a third option - open his power supply and send an EMP wave across the world, killing all Clone Drones and him in the process.

The ZTI found him again, and attempted to return him to sanity as their last functioning Drone. They added minor upgrades and then attempted to awaken him - to which he reacted with a similar action as before - collapsing the cave. Prototype feebly crawled out across the jungle, before being found by John Dixon and being revived sane. He followed John in his adventures, acting as both comic relief and the Techno, using his databanks and agile body. During John's swan song, Prototype collapsed once more due to the energy discharge given off when John sacrificed himself. The Assassin took his parts and went off to a new life.

The Assassin gave Prototype more upgrades - connections to the Immortal homeworld, Lunica, and other abilities. Prototype grew a strong bond to Assassin, and helping him to find The Objects of Power. His systems proved vital in traversing the maze at Trollheim and making their way through Zanaris. Thankfully, Prototype wasn't destroyed in Assassin and Angeror's finale.

When Assassin went on a hunt for the Conscious with his brother across the ocean, Prototype's systems shut down and left the crew drifting on the water for weeks. Even though his systems were later rebooted, he couldn't fix the engine failure to the Tanker.

Island Edit

By Island, unknown circumstances have left Prototype as a mad wreck, sprinting around the island like an empty shell. He will probably do so until he powers down.

Personality Edit

Prototype started out life with the template personality - do anything to survive. After encountering the Cybermen and their activities, he was guided to a more noble path, taking the act of self-sacrifice to save the population of Gielinor. He kept these tendencies after his resurrection and formed a close bond with a person he saw as noble - John Dixon. After Dixon perished, he became closer to The Assassin, learning most of his lessons from him afterwards.

Trivia Edit

  • Prototype has been involved in the most of ToaBionicle's role-plays, with a grand total of 5. The joint least appearance goes to Stan Charles, who appeared in only three chapters of Bank Heist
  • In another timeline, the Prototype successfully destroyed the Cybermen and lived, but he was later killed by Halvinor after a battle with Angeror.
  • In an alternate world, Prototype was destroyed by Angeror shortly after The Assassin's death.

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