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The Poison Swamp is an area in eastern Morytania. It is north of the Giant Vampyre Woods, east of the Necropolis and the Sanguinesti Region beyond it and south of the Skeletal Wizards' Tower. As the name suggests, the swamp is home to poisonous lifeforms. Just like Mort Myre Swamp, the Haunted Woods and the Giant Vampyre Woods, the swamp was a thriving and peaceful woodland. Drakan arrived and his evil caused the trees to die and the grass to become covered in dark and dirty swamps. Unlike Mort Myre, Drakan's effect here was much stronger, with the land not only turned into swamp, but the waters were filled with poisonous liquids. The small spiders here grew in size and became poisonous, much like their cousins in the Wilderness. The Swamp spiders are level 46 combat but can hit up to 8 in poison, so bringing anti-poison with you is highly recommended. The arachnids can mainly be found on the island surrounded by poisonous liquid that can be accessed by three separate bridges. The track "Swamp Shanty" can be unlocked here.
Location on World Map
Skeletal Wizards' Tower
Necropolis Poison Swamp Unknown
Giant Vampyre Woods