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The Insignia

The Outlaw Horde is a group of selected professional assassins or robbers. They appear in RuneScape - Bank Heist. Two of their minions are ridiculed in the second chapter of RuneScape - Battle of Asgarnia

Their leader is Cain Gregors, the most outstanding members are Morgan Lightfingers (Thieving Leader), Holy Hitman (Assassin), Cercer (Strategy Leader and Cain's right hand) and Rouan (Escaping Master).

Below is the list of the members in order of importance:
Cain Gregors
Morgan Lightfingers
"The Scientist"
Parko (Trap Master)
Holy Hitman ("Light State")
Others that are either dead, or not longer are in the Horde.
Marcus Tupertine (Trainee)