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The Immortals Storyline/The Dracomancer Saga character
Orion Hellenius, "The Assassin".
Birth Aprox. 500BA
Death c.200 (5th)
Profession Hunter, Wanderer
Affiliation The Hellenius Family, Immortals
First Souls of the Damned
Last Island
This is the is the end, Angeror. No more deaths shall come via your hand.
— The Assassin, Revenge of the Alone Ones

Orion Hellenius was an Immortal member of the Hellenius Family, older brother to Arasiovik Hellenius and the one destined to destroy Angeror. He was most commonly known as The Assassin, having been sent into exile by the Immortals and stripped of his name. Orion would later remember his name on an island in the Karamjan Sea.

Biography Edit

Orion was born in 500BA, to Elpis Karara and Tibernicus Hellenius. When he learned of Gielinor, he left Lunica to travel there, and he helped the first human settlers. He lived in the area that would come to be known as Varrock. Angeror set himself down onto Gielinor, destroying the newly formed landscape. Orion knew that it was his destiny to destroy this creature, and after battling with him Angeror swore that one day, he would kill him.

He left his sheltered life and walked around Gielinor for many years, passing into legend. Seeing "The Assassin" was seen as an omen, although there were mixed views on whether it was a good one. Having already been put on probation by the Immortal High Council, they put him on trial after an Imposter killed the King of Ardougne. He was stripped of his memories and his name, as well as being branded with the moniker that the people of Gielinor had given him. This exile left him with a distinctly different personality; a more optimistic and valiant one than the one he'd left behind.

When the first stirrings of Zarosian rebellion began to appear, a newly-awoken Assassin did all he could to stop Zamorak taking over. He was stopped, however, by a vengeful Angeror, who got away just after taking Zaros's soul into Hell.


A papyrus sketch found in The Wilderness depicts a view of The Assassin in the God Wars.(Click to enlarge).

Orion was unhappy at the beginning of the God Wars. He was upset that this world's gods had decided to fight each other and that the Immortals had left him on the planet while they did. Nevertheless, he was a key fighter for Saradomin, and was, beknownst to them, in most of the major battles. It is said that he fought both sides, striving to keep balance. Little evidence exists from this time, so details of his exact movements are scarce, but it is known that he went around the Wilderness, comforting survivors and telling tales of his adventures. A lot of this legend can also be attributed to his Imposter.

Assassin 02

The Assassin in West Ardougne

In the dawn of the Fourth Age, The Assassin visited his brother in Ardougne and met a confused John Dixon. They both became friends due to their similar lives (both having lived in times of great war and out-living their friends). The Assassin knew that he should not have revealed so much, and so altered John's memories of The Assassin and then used some of his own energies to send him to the Fifth Age. His brother exiled by the Immortals to the desert (unknown to Assassin), he went again to Varrock to defend against the Runecrafting Crusades.

Assassin 03

The Assassin meets some Barbarian Women

After the crusades, Assassin rented a cave under Varrock. Here he lived, apart from the world. Although he often wandered, he always had a place to call home. During this time the imposter continued to cause trouble in Orion's life, eventually leaving him branded as a known criminal by the Varrockian authorities. Eventually Orion confronted the imposter and found it to be a member of his own family.

After hearing that John Dixon was fighting in The Battle of Misthalin, The Assassin attended, not able to interfere. When he saw John's leader, Albus Malfoy, killed by the Cookie Monster, he locked away his memories and replaced them with a more sheltered, human existence. It was obviously a sign of the effect that his exile had had on him; to forget was a privilege and not a hindrance.

Angeror, who The Assassin had not removed from his mind, returned to Gielinor and opened the Void, setting a soul army upon the world. The Assassin, still under his human guise, met up with John again in 180(5th) to find The Book of Shadows, the only thing that could stop Angeror from destroying the world. He, John, Prototype and a reincarnated Malfoy followed a series of clues until they came to a riverside. When John was revealed to be Death and thus committed suicide to save the world, The Assassin took the Book of Shadows and gladly cursed Angeror into a mental form. He then sealed it into a small rift within the ground. He buried the now limp corpses of John and Albus, then dismantled Prototype and walked off. He gave John an appropriate gravestone: The Angel Of Death. The appearance of Angeror had stirred events in his mind, but not enough.

The Assassin was severely depressed. He traveled to Varrock almost immediately after placing the little he had into his cave. He ransacked a public speech by King Roald about litter, and told them of John’s sacrifice and bravery, and then of the on-coming Storm that Angeror would pose. He was arrested, but escaped, and soon he had collected his things and travelled to Port Khazard. Within the day he had already become part of the Order. He never took training, but took the Dracomancer seal nonetheless. After rebuilding Prototype with upgrades, he went to fulfill his destiny and rid the world of the one thing that was causing so much chaos: Angeror.

The spirit of John Dixon was active, the Grim Reaper. The mortal Death was troubled, and when John went to him he swore to protect Assassin. With Grim and a reconstructed Prototype, they set off to find the 5 fabled Objects of Power and the one thing to kill Angeror - The Death Sabre. They first ventured to the Dracomancer stronghold, where he met Dargenath. Dargenath warned him that Death may betray him, and that the Spear of Life (the object he was looking for) was in the Cradle of Life within the Stronghold of Security. While there, he was ambushed, and then they used the Tele-pebble to escape. The next object was found on Trollheilm, where he fought Bandos. Along the way on this journey, he regained his memory, visibly changing his attitude. He knew what he had to do. After gaining and losing many members of the team, they finally found all parts for the sabre. Unfortunately, they were again ambushed by Angeror and his group, who had the Staff of Pain. Angeror took him to the future, where they had a mind battle. Angeror was accidentally destroyed when he was impaled by the blade of sabre when The Assassin was throwing it away.

When Angeror had been killed, Assassin's fate had not yet fulfilled. Apart from the fact that Angeror was not killed purposely, part of Angeror still remained. Thinking of the Alone Ones, The Assassin stole a Tanker from the Draconic Fleet, and went to hunt them down. He realised that they were already gone and then focused his efforts on the Conscious, a creature that contained part of Angeror's soul. After a long hunt, The Assassin found that the Conscious had been captured by Torchwood.

The Tanker's engines failed and the team became shipwrecked on a remote Karamjan island. After settling down, they searched the island and met The Guardian, an older Immortal. They soon became great friends. Unfortunately, a member of the ZTI, Kingsley Emanuael, discovered them and took them on a long trek to see the leader. This journey was tedious, and they were ambushed by the Scarecrow, an embodiment of Angeror's soul. After negotiating with the creature, they escaped and were escorted to the ZTI Caves.

After a confrontation with the institute's leader (The Assassin's nephew, Gorak Spartacus) they were imprisoned. The timely arrival of the Scarecrow and a group of Kharzavores meant that Gorak was forced to release the group. Gorak led the group into a portal room, in which The Assassin was accidentally dragged into a parallel universe.

Island Edit

The next time we saw Orion, he had remembered his name and past personality, living as a drunk on the Island that had taken so much from him. After being visited seemingly by the spirit of his brother, he set out into the jungles one last time to try and discover what his colleague William Eldon was planning. On the way he encountered a maddened Prototype and the "spirits" of John Dixon and his aunt Jennifer. Later he met up with Eldon and they escaped the Island. Orion lived his last few decades in Gielinor and was the last Immortal.

Personality Edit

Orion's original personality saw him rebel against the pushy Immortals and travel to Gielinor, like a teenager kicking out against its parents. Also like a teenager, he could be irrationally depressive and tired, often blaming the world for his emotional troubles. This he often shared with his father Tibernicus.

"The Assassin" has a great sense of loneliness and guilt, and this heavily influences his decisions. While he outwardly insists that he strives for wholly good morality, he sometimes makes morally ambiguous decisions if he believes them to give him an advantage. Despite his negative tendencies, he is extraordinarily protective of his friends, family and home, as well as loyal, trustworthy and gallant.

When he awoke from his forced personality, Orion slipped back into his depression but still retained elements from that time, such as a burning curiosity and, ultimately, a real care for the world around him instead of indifference.

The Imposter Edit

A member of the Hellenius Family acted as an imposter during Orion's life. Because of an event in both their pasts, the Imposter dressed as "The Assassin" and committed crimes in Orion's name - including the events in Ardougne that led to his exile. This imposter helped to spread the legend of The Assassin far and wide before Orion acknowledged it himself. This is explained in The Self.

Immortal Powers Edit

Orion has the natural power of Persuasion. It allows him to, by verbal means, make a sane person do as he tells them to. This works on most organisms, but can be resisted by the strong minded. He's been shown to be mildly proficient in using it, although only in his "Assassin" personality.

Trivia Edit

  • In another timeline, the Assassin kills Angeror successfully, but then he is quickly slain after by Halvinor.
  • In an alternate world, The Assassin is killed by Angeror in 181 (5th).
  • The Assassin's original power was going to be "Extraordinary Battle Skills".

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